Went to SAKS today...SIGH....

  1. no new Chanel bags...HOWEVER I did find 2 pairs of cute shoes!LOL
    One Chanel Fall quilted pump and one Manolo Blahnik sandal I needed for a PF get together this weekend( A must have...heehee!!!!!..)Chanels were 675-but i really love them!!
    took the pic with my IPHONE.....
  2. wow, gorgeous shoes.
  3. Congratulations! Very nice. Hope you have fun on your TPF get-together this weekend!
  4. HOT! You're a bad girl with great taste! And a new Prada to come in two weeks! I think you're my new hero :winkiss:
  5. Love them!
  6. i luv the chanel shoes!
  7. I think I can afford the Entemann's behind the shoes. I can't purchase E. crumb cakes where I live, so I always take a few back with me when I go visit NJ. My cousin always has several waiting for me when the plane lands. And it's the first thing I eat when I arrive at his home.
    Oh, btw, nice shoes.
  8. ^LOL love the shoes!!
  9. Wow, gorgeous shoes!
  10. Who are you meeting Jill? (LOVE the shoes!!)
  11. LOL!Coachwife!Taylor is hooked on Entenmanns Donuts.....LOL....I used to eat them as a kid too!

    Im going to a NYC meetup on Sunday for brunch and shopping!I needed a low heel to shop in..hehe...
  12. Oh..The Chanels are over 3 inches too..kinda high for me..But I couldnt leave without them.
    Blahniks are kitten heels....
  13. I was eyeing those quilted shoes yesterday when I sent to Saks. They are so pretty!! The Manolo Blahnik's are also hot.
  14. ^I know..I saw them and knew that once i TRIED THEM ON...I was a goner....lmao!they will even b cute with jeans!
  15. cute, congrats!