Went to saks and didn't come home with the red jumbo

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  1. I had a plan. I looked at my purses and realized that I needed color. I returned the black camera case since I didn't need another black bag. I also returned some shoes that didn't fit right in order to buy the red caviar jumbo. I went to saks to purchase it since they just got a shipment in and I thought it was too dark. Am I the only one who feels this way? It just wasn't bright enough for me. I am worried I am going to regret this decision in a couple of weeks, because I am sure it is going to sell out. Also, if Chanel does produce a brighter red caviar jumbo will I be able to buy it? Will only people who have relationships with SA get one? Should I just settle for this one? What would you do? I just want a little advice.
  2. Is it a new red? I am on the list for the red GST. . . wondering if it'll be a good shade for me. Having a usual SA is a good thing, mine listed me for this bag w/o talking to me about it because she knows I've been waiting years for THE right red for me. The right red came a few yrs back in the debut of the Modern Chain, but the MC styles weren't right for me :Push:
  3. I know exactly what you are going through.........still looking for the perfect red for me.........the red caviar jumbo out now is the same color as the Cruise 09C Red Jumbo, a pretty red, but not the red I was looking for. a little brown and dark for me., so I returned that one. I am holding out hope for the new Red supposedly coming out for Cruise.
  4. Its the Cruise 09 red. The pictures I saw of it make it look brighter than it actually is. I just want a brighter red jumbo, but fear that even if the shade I want is produced, I won't be able to get one since they usually go to clients with good relationships with their SA.
  5. Fingers crossed girls, the '10 Cruise Collection will bring a new fiery red, hopefully it will be THE red we are looking for ! :yahoo:
  6. If you want a bright, '05 like red caviar Jumbo, just wait until Decemberish, when Cruise 2010 brings the red of our dreams!! :cloud9: I actually have the Cruise '09 (same as the '09A) caviar Jumbo, but plan to unload it for the aforementioned '10C, because a bright red Jumbo is an UHG of mine! :smile:
  7. Has the wait list started for Cruise 2010? Do you know which stores are getting it (NM, SAKS, BG, Boutique, etc)?
  8. ^Well, I'm certain boutiques will get it, and my SA placed me on the list (which I know probably has me at the top haha... I can't imagine it would be very long yet). :smile: I was told by a BG SA that they would only be buying the '10C red lamb Jumbo, so I guess no caviar there. Not sure about Saks or NM yet. :smile:
  9. I had the same problem about feeling that 09 cruise red is a little dark. I actually had the the opportunity to own one but refuse to have it. I bought the fushia jumbo caviar and love it so much. I am sure a long the road you will get the right red you want.:biggrin:
  10. I saw the new red jumbo and think it is a great red for fall. If you are looking for a bright summery red then I would pass on this one and hope for spring '10.
  11. C, you are reading my mind. I think a people are still after the 2005 red. I have not seen that IRL, but I have seen pics and I think that would be the perfect red for me.
  12. This is why you need to have a good relationship with your SA, so they'll know what colors you like. I'm thinking of sending my SA a Pantone strip set, so she can describe exactly what the color is and I'll be able to see it myself (since most of my transactions are over the phone).
  13. Red red red... where art thou?
  14. I think the fall red is too dark too....I am waiting for the cruise red to come out, I want a vibrant red color...Hopefully we will all find our true love