Went to Rodeo Drive Hermes today and.....

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  1. ladies,
    after reviewing this forum for couple of times, you ladies influenced me to go to Hermes this weekend. I went in today to the one on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills and look around, asked the SA about the wait list for Birkin and she said there's no wait list. It's whatever they have on display or non at all...she said they might get some in 2008 and that's it...is this even true?? How can I get my hand on any of hte Birkins (minus the diamond one, of course..tooo much bling bling for me) I'm looking for a Togo leather one..thanks ;)
  2. I'm would say look at a resale store on line or paper bag or decades they sometimes have them, call first to check;also lilis.All in LA
  3. thank you. i'm pretty new here..where can i find info about these places? thx
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  5. They are in the 411 ask for them by name in the West LA or West Hollywood area. Decades dose have a website but it is best to go visit also Max fields they some times get birkins although you have to make an appointment it is worth the trouble.All thees places do not tell you if they have them in store so take the time to visit.Good luck!
  6. Hey pwecious you can still get it at the Redeo Drive. lol i got mine there a few weeks ago. :wlae: but it was a tiring process. you can still get it... no worries:okay:
  7. Don't despair. If you look under Hermes Shopping and click on Brick and Mortar sellers. You'll see the reputable sellers that tpf members deal with. This might be faster than waiting for your dream birkin to show up on Rodeo Drive.

    Online Stores:

    decades inc.

    Jemz N Jewels- everything from Plumes, to Kellys to Birkins- vintage and new.

    Luxury-Zurich- many different Hermes items
    LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - No.1 for authentic designer brands, new used and vintage. Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, Prada, Bag

    Their blog regulalry updates what comes in every 1-2 days.


    Luxwear, LLC

  8. or if you stop by the Hermes boutique frequently, you might just find one on the shelf....
  9. Never say never! If you're ready to buy at the boutique, and you want to buy from that boutique (and it's close to your home), one method that works (and this is straight from my SA) is: haunt the place. Show up every morning, find out when they receive shipments, and show up then. Keep asking them daily "Did you get a XXcm XXcolor togo Birkin with XX hardware today?" Eventually you will find your baby! Best of luck on your hunt pwecious, and welcome to the forum!

    But, if you can not wait, and don't need boutique brand new, go the reseller route, it may be faster. Depends on which experience you want.
  10. Katel is right. I went into Rodeo last week with the same inquiry and the SA told me the same thing. She said if you want a Birkin you have to come in EVERY DAY and ask. If they have one, they will put it out. She basically told me that if you want one bad enough you have to put in the time and go into the store everyday. But, if you don't have the time or don't live close enough, look into resellers. Lots of good ones:yes:. GOOD LUCK and WELCOME to the ORANGE!
  11. I think you need to go there with your sleeping bag and be there 24/7. The only Birkin that I ever saw there was a 25cm in epsom. Nothing larger.
  12. Dear Ms. Gracekelly:

    I LOVE the sleeping bag suggestion....

    YES, due to many celeb and rich people's demands, they have this rule about first COME first SERVE and let lucks take it course....

    But, deep in my mind, I think if it's VB, she gets anything and definitely would NOT need the SLEEPING BAG!!!
  13. But if she did...she would bring DB with her and wouldn't that be a sight! Especially she they sleep in the nude!
  14. as i was paying for my birkin i was mumbling to my mom about vb many birkins and the sa said she doesnt even need to come into the store just over the phone and the sa will personally take it to her house.:wtf:
  15. ^^of course, that makes perfect sense. She doesn't want a Britney Spears scene with her at Hermes.