Went to purchase the Neverfull

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  1. I have been wanting a Neverfull for a long time. After long deliberations, I decided on monogram. Went to the store and spent ages deciding on interior (thank God for patient SAs). I finally decided on the brown interior. The bottom of the bag I was trying on was sagging in a weird way (it was ALMOST as if the base piece was wider than it should have been? It sagged noticeably more than the bag with the pink interior). I wanted another piece but they said they had no more. Such a bummer :sad:

    I will go back in a few weeks - hopefully they will have more inventory.

    A few random observations:
    - the bag with the pink interior had a half inch long stitching thread sticking out. A little more attention to the finish would have been nice
    - the mono pattern didn’t align (on the sides) on either bag. It was better on the pink bag
    - both bags were MIU
    - the sides don’t stay cinched long
    - My SA tied a bandeau to each bag. It looked so chic! I definitely want to try it when I get my bag but I dint want to spend $180 on it. Are there cheaper alternatives?

  2. An Hermes Twilly is a little cheaper! Ha! I’ve never looked at the price of the Bandeau’s, I don’t have them. But I agree with you. They are really cute when I see pictures of them! Mine doesn’t stay cinched for long either. There wa as recent “hack” of putting clips on the sides to keep it together, it was really cute. I saw it today in the thread for hacks.
  3. I have the Neverfull World Tour, and my sides stay cinched just fine. It must be a looser slide on some of the NFs? I like the Bandeaus, as they are generally wider and longer than a Hermes twilly, but I've used a twilly, too. I like to tie a Bandeau and use a monogram tassel on the strap......so fun! There are quite a few Etsy tassels and bag charms that are cut from vintage LV monogram bags. They're a little pricey, but not nearly as much as the current ones from LV. I've also had great luck buying Bandeaus and twillys from Fashionphile/ebay. I don't want to baby my scarves (particularly when tied on a bag), so I like to pay less, when possible! Hope you find your Neverfull with the structure/lining and all the things you want! :smile: It's a wonderful absolute workhorse of a bag.
  4. The sides don't stay cinched long for me. If you don't care about brand, there are plenty of cheaper silk scarves/twillys you can buy on Amazon, eBay, Etsy. I got one for around $20 on Etsy and it was pretty cute!
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    The latest batches of MIU neverfulls at my store were horrendous. Weird stitching, crooked patterns. Took over an hour to inspect and find one that was decent. Ridiculous. I think I have 8 LV bandeaus. 1 Gucci bloom twilly. I have purchased twillys from ebay, Amazon, consignments and thrift stores for super cheap. Thrift stores have some of the most gorgeous scarves for less than $5 dollars. I always dig in the scarf bins because I have pulled out perfect condition designer scarves too. My most used find was only 99 cents. As long as they are about 30 to 40 inches long and 2-3 inches wide they can tied neatly. Beats buying expensive LV bag charms which I stupidly bought over the years and NEVER use.
  6. Oh thank you! Makes me feel a little less paranoid (I was NOT trying to pick the bag apart - honest! But the difference in sag between the 2 bags I was trying on was so "in your face" it could not be ignored). I was a little surprised that the store told me "We don't have any more Neverfulls". I have 3 LV stores within reasonable store (2 of which are flagship stores) and I find it hard to believe that each store has only has 1 Neverfull in each combo. Maybe the SA was trained to sell the one the customer tried on? I will add that the SA was SUPER nice and did not hurry me at all (I did go at off peak hours). Oh well!
  7. At least you didn't buy one and regret purchasing it later on. It's a good idea to inspect a bag and purchase only if you are happy with the overall quality. I hope you find one that you are happy with. My DE Neverfull is very stiff and it never stays cinched in either.
  8. My SA was picking at stitching on one neverfulls inside corner because there was a ton of jammed thread like the seamstress fell asleep at the machine. He was just shaking his head and *****ing about how crappy the neverfulls are now. Most of his refusals from ship to store orders for customers are neverfulls and also a lot of returns. They are just BAD. Quality control is awful. Just sloppy.