Went to psn yesterday and came home with.....

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  1. My first balenciaga :yahoo:

  2. but theres one thing i need help with since i dont know it i should refund/exchange this bag. i dunno if a work is better for me ><

    need ur help here!!!
    my modeling pic:

    does it look good on me?! pls give me some adviceeeee thanks!! :biggrin:
  3. Just got my first BAL today so I am new too but I think your city looks gorgeous on you!
  4. It's perfect and looks great on you. Keep this classic and get a Work later if you still want one. Many congrats and enjoy it!

  5. I agree!! CONGRATS!!
  6. Looks great on you! Congrats!
  7. I think you should keep it, it's a classic! :smile:
  8. It looks great on you
    The perfect work bag
  9. gorgeous!!!! congrats!!!
  10. I think it's a very classy colour :biggrin: Gorgeous~
  11. I think it looks great on you. Keep it!
  12. You must keep it! It looks great on you and it's a perfect choice for your first Bal!
  13. congrats and enjoy! its def a keeper
  14. :welcome2: to the world of Balenciaga. Your new BBag suits you perfectly! Don't exchange or return it! :true:
  15. is it a city? it's stunning!