Went to psn yesterday and came home with.....

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  1. This is my 2nd LV, my first one was damier neverfull and now I got another beauty :yahoo:

  2. Let's see!!!:popcorn:
  3. :woohoo: im excited!
  4. yeah!! reveal!
  5. is it a Mono speedy?
  6. Artsy?
  7. I'm here!!!
  8. and here is the box =)

  9. hmmm
  10. pouchette documents? ugh i have no idea!
  11. I'll give u gals some hint, cause the LV at Holts ran out of the smaller boxes so had to give me a medium one. I'm sure now its easy to guess =)
  12. oppssss i forgot the picture hahaha silly meeee

  13. open it up!!!
  14. Mono or azur eva???
  15. show show