Went to Pre Baby Visit and Review....

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  1. Went to the Doctor today to have a pre baby check up. It was so helpful. He told me to start losing some weight and he is going to check my egg releasing focicles. He gave me Clomid prescription to take on the 5th day of my cycle. He said it could make my body active for baby. What scared me was he said when he walked in "So we want to have some babies huh". I was thinking oh shoot Twins run in my family. I said only one baby... I'm so glad that I went to him to ask all the question I need to ask about preparing for baby...
  2. Have you been TTC for long and not succeeding, or are your cycles irregular? Just wondering why he put you on Clomid right away. Did he also draw blood to check your hormone levels before you start the Clomid? I just did my first cycle of it as well, and they need to check some things before they just pop you on it. Is he going to monitor you to see how the follicles develop (usually around day 12 or 13)?

    Also, Clomid does have a 5-10% risk of twins and a very, very small risk of triplets or higher. It's better than the more aggressive treatments, like gonadotropins, but there is a risk.
  3. He is doing the FSH testing and the Clomid is part of the testing apparently. I'm old 42 so he kinda has to quicken things up. My mother is a twin so I have twins running in my family. It is just the way he said it, it kinda freaked me out because I was thinking it mine come true especially with Clomid... It has been about 6 mos since we've been trying again...
  4. Ah, ok. He's doing the Clomid challenge test to check your ovarian reserve. That makes more sense. I was a little shocked he'd just threw you on Clomid on your first visit.

    Good luck!!
  5. kcf68 I wish you all the best!! lots of baby dust to you!!
  6. Yes baby dust to you as well!!! I wish twins ran in my family but they don't!