Went to pick up my Cotton Club tote yesterday....

  1. I got a call on Saturday from a SA in Amsterdam saying that the Cotton Club tote in Black had arrived and it had my name on it. I told the SA that I couldn't come up until Tuesday morning and he said that's fine, he'll reserve it for me and they'll see me Tuesday.

    Anyhoo, got up yesterday, drove one hour through snow and slush, arrived at Chanel 2 minutes after opening and THEY'D SOLD THE :censor: BAG TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! They "accidentally" sold it to another customer on Monday afternoon. I'm so pissed :mad:. I knew it wouldn't get me anywhere to crack it, so I touched all their display bags (slightly moving them out of line) with my grubby fingers. They said they're getting more in this week so will courier one down to me. Yeah, we'll see!

    They had the new Cabas in Vinyl in (oh, they had no problem telling me it was held for another customer) - it's huge! Any shiny. I left finger prints all over it too :graucho: .
  2. OMFG! That would piss me off to no ends :cursing: UGHHHHH, I was so excited to finally see pics of the bag too but I guess that'll have to wait. How the heck did the SA do that though.... errghh!

    sorry :sad:
  3. Oooohhhhh!!! I'm so sorry for you!
    That happened to me a couple of weeks ago, just before the price hike.

    I reserved a medium flap fucsia in caviar with silver hw that was sold when I attempted to pay for it and now I can't find that bag anywhere else!

    Will the SA look for another one for you?
  4. I would be so super :mad: I would have made them make it up to me somehow. I hope you are happy again soon when you get the bag (couriered- yay!!).
  5. LOL.. i love your revenge tactics.. discreet but effective hahha

    sorry to hear that though. I do hope they courier your bag when they get one!
  6. LOL....good for u...fingerprint girl!!
    Id be major pissed too and take my business elsewhere
  7. Oh no!!!!! Hopefully, you will get another shortly.
  8. I am waitlisted for this bag too..loves it...so sucks they sold yours..sniff

  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  10. hahaha that is awesome you should have ate a sticky sandwich toooo first

    that is so crappy they did that to you!!
  11. That's horrible. Sorry to hear that. Glad you left fingerprints, that was a good idea.
  12. I'm on the list for that bag too and was so excited to see this thread! :cursing:
  13. Uggh I'd be so :cursing: if I were you! Hope you get your CC tote soon!
  14. Thanks Ladies,

    There's a store here in The Hague that sells Chanel and they expected their shipment to come in late today. The SA said they *should* have their new bags on the floor tomorrow, including the Cotton Club. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?
  15. That's right, I would give the commission to someone else. That s*cks! Also, I would have left some finger prints on the SA's that "accidentally" sold my bag too.