Went to pick up my bucket this afternoon ...

  1. and saw all the beautiful fall arrivals on display!!!:nuts: New denim line, stamped bags, etc.:love: Everything was SO PRETTY!!! I WANT IT ALL!!!:hysteric:

    Anyhow, here she is!!! My frange bucket!:yahoo:I have NO REGRETS whatsoever letting go my frange speedy in exchange for this beauty!!! HOT HOT HOT is all I can say!!! I am taking it out tonight!!!:wlae:
    PICT3551.JPG PICT3552.JPG PICT3553.JPG bucket.JPG
  2. Sexy bag.:love: :P :P
  3. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Now your starting with the cute belts too!!!! Your taste is awesome!!!!!!!
  4. Irene...you both look HOT !!!!!
  5. that didnt take long to arrive at all:smile: Looks great!
  6. Congrats! Looks great on you!:yahoo:
  7. Looks great on you, congrats Irene!
  8. You wear it well! Congrats!
  9. Yes, i do admit I love the bucket way more than the speedy..did you have problems exchanging it? Love it!! Hey, cute belt!
  10. It looks gorgeous on you!!! Love it!!!
  11. :girlsigh: Very pretty, enjoy! :girlsigh:
    Do you have a pic w/ the bucket on your shoulder?
  12. It looks great on you. Glad you found you loved the bucket more than the speedy:yes:
  13. It's fantastic Irene! Congrats!!!!!
  14. Ooh La La
    [​IMG]that bag!!!
  15. Awwww no more speedy??!! Well it looks faaabulous on you!!