Went to pick up Galliera but........

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  1. Official launch of gallierra is suppose to be tom 04/01 here in manila, but my super kind SA was too nice to show :drool: the pm when I dropped by a while ago, OMG! it looked so much better IRL! but here's the thing it does not hold up well at all! when we took out the stuffings of the bag it came out really flat and lost its structure not unless you load up the bag,,, the prob was that the magnetic lock.... it cant stay put...although very roomy nice interior as well! and it does look super gorgeous when shoulder held! my heart was poundinh the moment I saw it... I will have to go back tom to let my hubby see if its good enough although I just purchases the hamptead pm this mono beauty is very hard to resist!!! I also thought that if it only came out in damier as well... vachetta kills me... I will be posting pics tom!!!:roflmfao:
  2. Oh yaay lucky you! I want a Galliera..but in Damier not Mono!! ( I love the Mono,but I have an issue of buying bags of the same canvas since I'm starting a collection). But anyways cant wait to see pix!!
  3. Oh noo, is it really flat? I mean does it not have a base at all?
  4. Which size did you try?
  5. Oh man, it loose it's shape if there is nothing inside?? Why am it worrying, I have loads of stuffs to fill the bag.
  6. Waiting to see your pics! :graucho:
  7. I tried the PM on w/a few of my things in it - the bag didn't completely collapse, which is what I was afraid of. It has a very nice slouch. This is a hobo design and is meant to have some slouchiness when carried. I am picking mine up tomorrow.
  8. Sounds like a great bag. Like slouchiness, haha. Hope you gals post pics soon!
  9. What I am more concerned of is that the magnetic closure is not staying put...did you fill the bag very much? I was afraid that this would be a problem...couldn`t it just have a zipper???:crybaby:
  10. Oooh, sounds nice!! Congrats on your Hamstead!
  11. I think the magnetic closure will be fine. The bag is so large it will be hard to fill it enough to make the magnetic closure 'pop' open, IMO. I don't think this bag would look as good w/a zipper.
  12. Hopefully you are right regarding the magnetic thingy, Gwen! It would be a great bag for me! I am not ready to deal with another open bag like my Neverfull...can`t wait to see modeling pics....
  13. I normally stay away from open top bags but the design of the Galliera doesn't bother me. The bag is narrower at top (but not too narrow) and it sits comfortably under your arm while being carried. For these two reasons I think the bag has a very secure feel to it. Nothing at all like the wide-openness of the Neverfull.
  14. oh no..........it has a magnetic close?? Oh the guy at the apple store told me to stay away from those when I got my new iphone as they will ruin my phone! Dang!
  15. spacytracy

    I have an iphone too- did the apple rep give a reason as to why your phone would be ruined?
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