Went to Paris... Shopped Til I Dropped... Come See My New Spy!

  1. Yay! I am so excited. I got the shoes first. I had seen one rogue pair in size 11 on eBay, so I didn't even know if Fendi really made these. As soon as I spotted them in the store, I knew I had to have them. Two days later, I went back and acquired the matching baby spy! Yay! Took a few pics in the different light so you can see how much the color changes with natural light vs. flash.

    Plus, I think I got a really good deal (Once I get my VAT back, the bag comes to a little over $1000). I had a hard time deciding between the baby spy and the full size blueberry spy, which they had one of at Galleries Lafayette. I think I prefer the full-size a little more, but the baby fits my budget better.
    spy1.jpg spy2.jpg spy3.jpg
  2. Me in front of the Fendi store, and the rest of my purchases from Paris!
    fendistore.jpg chicken potterysm.jpg sari blanket.jpg twilly.jpg
  3. :drool: Wow Litigatrix, your purchases are beautiful!!! :drool:

    The shoes are amazing :nuts: and of course you know how I feel about your bubbly new spy...:graucho:

    Congratulations! BTW, I hope your trip was wonderful.

  4. Thanks! The weather was not the best, but we had a lot of fun. It is always nice to get away for a while, and at least some of my french came back to me.
  5. That bag is gorgeous! I love the color and size. The shoes are very nice, too!! Congrats!
  6. Oh wow!! You got some great purchases!! Those shoes are amazing and the matching Spy is TDF!! Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Love both the shoes and the bag! The color is amazing!
  8. I love those shoes... Congrats...

    p.s that sari blanket is gorgeous too.
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. That's a beautiful combo!!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: Love the colour.
  11. That spy is gorgeous! Congrats!!
  12. Did a little color adjusting... I think these pics represent it a little better.
    spy1.jpg spy2.jpg spy3.jpg
  13. Congrats, the bag & shoes are so gorgeous!
  14. great color choice. Love the baby spy in that color. and i like your sari blanket too!
  15. so stunning!!