went to Paris and got a birkin

  1. Last week in aris an asian lady got "my" choco box birkin. It was a 35 and i actually wanted a 30 so it wasn't really my dream purse.

    Today i went to Faubourg St Honore again and at the biginning there were no birkin.
    I asked for kelly 32 and they had a lovely fucsia in chevre and a blu navy one in epsom and an ostrich (didn't ask to see it).

    I was really tempted by the fucsia, but it was too big for mr in that color.

    Than I asked for birkin, and my Sa asked me what size. I went for 30 and she sayd a ...BLACK SWIFT PW just came in:yahoo:

    I was looking at it an an asian lady start saying she wanted it. My sa explained she could have it if I would have declined it.....

    And i DIDN'T!!!:graucho:

    So I got home the new baby: birkin 30 black swift pw:heart:

    I think I will go for a box next time:smile:

    It's realy soft.

    The only strange thing is that the recipt says : "swift - doublure in chevre" But the inside is not chevre....I'm disappointed...did she gave me a wrong bag? should I ask about it to my sa?

    What do you think of swift for birkin? is it going to keep the shape?
  2. Sounds absolutely beautiful.
    Do post some pictures.
    Congratulations. :yahoo:
  3. OMG CONGRATS!!! You must post pics so we can all drool - lol!
  4. congrats on you new Birkin. Can't wait to see the pic.

    what is the leather inside if it's not chever like the receipt indicated?

    I hope you really got the one you want so you don't have search for it again:yes:
  5. Congrats, Congrats Costa!!!!! post pics!
  6. The inside looks...swift! just like the outside, or maybe rodeo.

    I'll post pictures tomorrow when ?ll get the camera. :yahoo:
  7. Congratulations, Costa to be able to score a birkin at the store just like this.

    Costa, as to your question if swift willl hold the shape of the Birkin over time, I think not. My store manager told me that the new Lindy, which is supposed to be a very slouchy shoulder bag, will be made of swift and clemence because these are the 2 leathers that are souple. The beauty of swift is the super soupleness.
  8. i think when I go to Paris and visit the mothership i will have to take a bebe gun with me so that when some crazy lady tries to hone in on my Birkin time i will point it at her and say "go ahead, make my day"
  9. Mrssparkle I'm sorry to hear this, because I have asked Sa and she told me it would keep the shape. (but I thought it wouldn't...).
  10. ^^^Congratulations!! IT WAS YOUR DAY and that BIRKIN was for you!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see pics!

    I'm glad you went back and didn't back down when someone else wanted it. Though she is in your situation today, but something better will happen for her too. I believe in still sending that person good vibes!:heart:
  11. poor asian lady

    but congrats on your purchase!

    i can't wait to see the pics...
  12. ok....this just cracked me up!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. I love to hear stories like this, congrats!!
  14. COSTA!!!! Congratulations on scoring your Black Birkin!!!! Swift is a lovely leather....Duna has a Birkin in Swift too so she can probably help with the softness/slouch question. Please post pics asap......I'm dying to see!!!!!!!
  15. OMG, that's one gorgeous bag :wtf: gina has a similar one and it's definitely a WOW! piece that'll stay with you forever.