Went to outlet...wanna see?

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  1. Went to outlet tonight...wanna see what I bought???:nuts:
  2. OH yes please!
  3. Ooh yes...let's see!!
  4. I'm new...first time to do this...hope it works!
  5. Bring it on!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. Lets see...:popcorn:
  8. :couch:
  9. Bring it, Bring it, Bring it. Yep something new
  10. Waiting, waiting, waiting! (Wow, I never get to take part in these reveals...YIPPEE!!!)
  11. Sorry, I'm having problems. Do I just go below to "go Advanced" and Browse from there?
  12. Yes please! Need to live vicariously through y'all until I get my new goodies ;)
  13. Most of the time you cannot upload the pics from your computer...they come across as too large. If you have photobucket, that works great. If you don't have photobucket...just go to www.photobucket.com and sign up...it just takes a few seconds and you can download your pics instantly.
  14. Sorry, it keeps failing to download the attachment.
  15. downsize the megapixels of your camera.. most times they are too large to post. if your camera has the option to change size. Try 3.0 megapixels it works!