went to outlet today!!!

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  1. got black leather gloves for 16.00 and a purple satin amanda mini skinny for 10.00!
  2. wow, amazing!!! I love the items and the prices!!!!!
  3. WOW. I paid $59 for my gloves and I thought that was a good price. You basically got those for free! They're beautiful. :smile:
  4. Wow! $16 for leather gloves? That's an amazing deal. Nice scores!
  5. WOW! I might have to go out soon! Congrats on such a great score!
  6. Wow that is a great price Congrats on your outlet finds
  7. Oh awesome finds!! Wish I had some gloves like that with all this snow!! Very awesome
  8. Those gloves are gorgeous and the price makes them even better! I can just imagine how soft they must be. I can't believe all of the fantastic deals that everyone is finding at the outlets. Makes me want to miss the Superbowl tomorrow and drive 5 hours to the closest outlet. Enjoy your new goodies.
  9. I've gotta make my way to the outlet!
  10. Great buy!!
  11. they had TONS of deals in that store today!!!my bff got her daughter a patchwork swingpack for 30.00 also!They also got the satin minis and I got a perfume keychain for 7.99 because it was the last one...it was a good day to be at the outlets.
    Oh and the gloves ARE super soft and cozy!I have a broken finger and I took off the brace just so I could wear them for a few minutes...my doc is going to kill me lol
    I also got a charge /send done and got a legacy cashmier scarf for 49.00...
  12. wow, AMAZING deal for the gloves! and the mini skinny is very pretty!! Enjoy them both! =)
  13. Incredible deal on the gloves! I paid 39.99 for mine today. Way to go!!!!
    Love the mini as well.:tup:
  14. Awesome finds!! Love the gloves!! Enjoy!!!!
  15. Those prices are awesome!!!!