went to outlet today!!!


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
Those gloves are gorgeous and the price makes them even better! I can just imagine how soft they must be. I can't believe all of the fantastic deals that everyone is finding at the outlets. Makes me want to miss the Superbowl tomorrow and drive 5 hours to the closest outlet. Enjoy your new goodies.


Jun 1, 2007
they had TONS of deals in that store today!!!my bff got her daughter a patchwork swingpack for 30.00 also!They also got the satin minis and I got a perfume keychain for 7.99 because it was the last one...it was a good day to be at the outlets.
Oh and the gloves ARE super soft and cozy!I have a broken finger and I took off the brace just so I could wear them for a few minutes...my doc is going to kill me lol
I also got a charge /send done and got a legacy cashmier scarf for 49.00...