Went To Outlet to get Koi Keyfob

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  1. And I got it!! And ummmm.... Just a few other things, lol.
    Hamptons Scribble Tote in Khaki


    Medium Ergo Hobo in Camel


    And the koi Keybob wanted to take some friends home.


    So yeah, my trip to the outlet for a $24.00 keyfob ended up costing a bit more, but I've been on ban since last pce and I needed a fix! :yes:

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  2. I just love that Khaki Scribble Tote! Congrats on all your new stuff:smile:
  3. Ergos are at the outlet already!!!???!!!

    Nice stuff - congrats!
  4. No, I just happened to be there when they got a return, my first lucky break at an outlet. I had a trail of women following me around to see if I would put it down, lol
  5. How much was the ergo @ the outlet???? Love the koi!!

    edit: you answered as I was posting!!
  6. LOL!!

    Great purchases....love the duffle skinny!!
  7. Ha!!! Too funny!! You knew you couldn't get outta there with just a keyfob! Good finds!
  8. Great stuff!!
  9. Great Haul!!!!!! Everything you got is amazing! I don't think i'd ever be able to go into an outlet just to get a keyfob and not walk out with a lot more than that hehe.
  10. Great finds!

    LOL! I rarely leave with one item!
  11. When they re-tagged it with an outlet tag, it was $239.00, I was looking at it when the SA remarked that somebody is sure going to get a good deal on this bag and I was thinking huh? 29.00 off is not THAT great of a deal, I could do better if I wait until the next pce (of course I didn't say that) My expression must have given me away though because when I started to put it down she said... You do realize that it's another 20% off the marked price don't you? hmmmm $191.20??.... sold. :smile:
  12. Thanks Everyone! i'm loving it all. :smile:
  13. Congrats! Love the Hampton tote! Stunning....
  14. Now that's an excellent outlet haul!!! :tup:

    The scribble tote!!!! Was it additional 20% off?
  15. The scribble tote was a steal... 30% off! I'm think it was around $105.00. They did not have many khaki ones, but they had a ton of blue ones, i'm sure ebay will be swamped with them soon.