Went to outlet for the gorgeous berry zoe...and....

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  1. ended up getting the dark coral instead....GORGEOUS!! Oh, and had to have the matching wallet too.....

    Large zoe-$145 ....retail $548???? what a deal!
    zoe wallet- $60...retail $248


    Oh and the wallet has a lavender lining!

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  2. gorgeous Zoe!!! I love the color!! and great matching wallet :biggrin:
  3. The coral color is fabulous!
  4. Holy Hannah! Gorgeous! Love that color!
  5. Totally awesome color! The Zip-Around Wallet is my all-time favorite...it's almost a purse all by itself. Holds EVERYTHING and still fits nicely into every good purse I own!

    Might head for the outlet myself today...:sos: Someone stop me...I really need a 12 Step Program to get rid of this shopping/Coach addiction. Wait...still have the 20% coupon...what to do???
  6. Absolutely gorgeous haul! Maybe this is the color in Zoe I need next...:thinking:
  7. I am so jealous. I really love this color!
  8. That's one hot set! The dark coral is so pretty! Enjoy your new goodies!!
  9. Great deals:tup:
  10. I have not seen this color. It looks beautiful. Congratulations!!
  11. Lovely! Which outlet did you score those at?
  12. Wow! That colour is fabulous! What a deal too. Enjoy them!
  13. Beautiful. The color really pops - even in the photos. I have to see this IRL.
  14. beautiful color!!! congrats!
  15. Wow what an amazing deal. Congrats!!