Went to outlet and FP look what I got..

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  1. Ok, so after I saw (I heart cupcakes) post, I had to go to the outlet and see for myself, and fell in love with the Avery, I also went to the fp store on Friday and picked up this wallet.
    So without further ado here they are.


    The Continental Zip around wallet in Rouge, such a pretty color.

  2. Gorgeous, congratultions!
  3. Luscious! I bet that bag is soft and squishy!
  4. Beautiful bag & wallet! Really love the look of the bag! Congrats!
  5. Pretty, congrats!
  6. Very nice!
  7. Great buys! I also love your Poppy-chan (I think that's her name) fob.
  8. Lovely!!!! Congrats!
  9. what great finds congrats and I bet they look fab together ❤️👜
  10. Love them both!!
  11. WOOHOO yellowbernie, they are both beautiful.
  12. Congrats, great buys. Love the fob too
  13. Congrats!! I love the Avery--I haven't seen that one yet. I may just have to run to my outlet and take a peek.
  14. Thanks everyone, the leather is so soft, It's a great size for me, and I love the continental zip wallet.
  15. Oh wow, the leather on the Avery looks so smushy! I love it! Awesome wallet, too. I hate changing out of wallets, but I am in need of a zip one. I really like these continental wallets that Coach has come up with. The rouge color is gorgeous! Congrats! :smile: