Went to NM yesterday & fondled bbags..lol (08 version)

  1. So I posted this very same thread when the 07's came out (http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/went-to-neiman-marcus-yesterday-fondled-bbags-lol-166084.html) - and so I'll give my report with the 08 edition :p. Neiman Marcus (at the Westchester mall in NY) had loooooots of bbags this time around. And as usual around Christmas, all the Maletasse on sale. Me and my DF touched and squeezed each one :girlsigh: - we saw the light magenta, the brigher magenta (the color is fabulous), lots of whites and blacks of all sizes, a beautiful caramel first, a purple/eggplant color (I'm not up to speed with the colors, as I only have a black one lol) - and a bunch of others. The caramel first had the nicest leather of them all, but thats not saying much (at least IMO and per my bbag style). I was wearing my 05 black city which looked nothing like any of their bags. I wondered if the SA's thought mine was fake because it looked so different from the ones I was trying on and playing with. :push:

    The leathers are all very stiff and very glossy - a thick layer of sheen over them this season. All of them had very spongy tassles. There was a good variation between bags - some extremely 06-like-veiny, with others smoother - but still extremely glossy with marbling evident... not soft like my bag. They were...crinkly... like "crinkle" leather - crunchy :s. I saw a good 15 bags - so I got a good idea of this season... not for me. IMO, 07 was definitely, definitely better.

    Just wanted to give in my report :tup:

    Signing off,
    LL ;)
  2. Thank you for your report. I totally agree, all the bags I've seen IRL had marbled, dry leather too.
  3. Thank you for your report. I have only seen one 2008 leather and I am lack of experience to judge, so I want to stay mutual. I wish other gals who have seen all kinds of leather could chim in. I know quite a few tPFers are happy with their 08 BG leather, but I am not so sure about my Vert Thyme leather. I think I should go see a BG IRL.
  4. I did the same at the Austin NM just the other day. They actually have a good sized Bal section and the bags are out. I'm not thrilled with the '08 leather either so far. On black and white it doesn't bother me as much but on the colors it is really really noticeable.

    Hopefully the '08s that are coming in February & March (Turquiose!) will be nicer. I've got my fingers crossed!
  5. Thanks for your report, it confirms my belief that this season's bags are best seen IRL before making a decision to purchase. The bags seem to vary greatly in texture and color. If you can't see them IRL try to purchase online from a buyer that can provide pics of the individual bags.
  6. there are 2 new magentas?
  7. i also think it depends on the color. i've seen a pale magenta GGH, a vert thym GSH, sky blue work both RH and GSH, and i agree with south of france that the leather looks marbled, veiny and quite dry, the veins are for some of them quite white. but the sahara GGH leather i saw was yummy, shiny, thick and looked smooth. and i found the city sky blue's leather much more beautiful than the work's. maybe it depends also on the style of the bag???
  8. Well, though I've not seen 2001-2003 leathers in person, I've been into bbags since 04 - so I've personally handled bags from 04-08 :yes:
  9. Yes - a pale magenta and a regular magenta I believe :confused1:. 1 looks similar to the 05 magenta, and the pale one is a shade lighter than the 05-ish magenta, and a shade darker than the bubblegum.
  10. That's a thing I forgot to mention - it seemed as if the GH bags they had were totally different leather quality than the RH - which is weird. :confused1:
  11. Thanks for your report! I'm glad someone else uses the word 'fondle' when describing touching bbags - I was beginning to feel like a bit of a perve!

  12. :confused1: Do you think the regular magenta is the 07 Magenta LE?
  13. Are you talking about the petal pink? i bought the petal pink and its great, not dry at all very buttery and soft, but the magenta i saw was horrible so dry i couldn't even imagine it broken in...i have seen more scrummy leather on the petal pinks than any of the other colours at the moment for 08.
  14. My observations ditto yours. Went to Denver NM yesterday and fondled everything they had out, an assortment of S/S 08s and 07s. All the BG and Magentas had unimpressive, thin leather. Thankfully they were also soft and pliable and didn't feel like sandpaper the way some 06 leather at Denver NM did. But I haven't been impressed with the 08s so far, especially given the tough act they had to follow: F/W 07, my all-around favorite season for leather and colors. The BG leather was too flat, and the magenta color was way too uneven and unsaturated. Nothing really grabbed me, although offerings at Denver NM are never the best anyway. :s I'm withholding judgment until I see more bags from around the country.
  15. Thanks for this thread. I thought I was nuts when I saw the 08 pink and magenta at the short hills NJ Neimans. The sales girl was pushy (they know I am an addict) and trying to sell me a RH in pink and magenta. I told her the leather looked so bad that they should be sent back. If you are buying over the phone I would advise telling the slaes person what you want. they were so dry they looked fake and dull. Now in the Giant hardware the pink and magenta looked amazing. So as the insane addict that I am I got the GGH in pink medium. In this bag the leather looked rich. I have bubblegum and magenta from the first time they made the colors and the new colors have a shine to the leather. I would like to post my collection if i can get around to it. Happy Shopping & thanks for the thread!