Went to NM in Tysons today....

  1. I was a good girl though...I did visit Chanel also (and the Chanel dept. in NM), and of course, I went a paid homage to the Prada bags...but I bought nothing (no bags, that is)... :shrugs:

    I bought only 1 pair of Prada sandals...which is what I went for (needed one more new pair for Hawaii)...and here they are! :tender:
    Prada sandals.jpg
  2. oh cute! perfect for the warmer weather!
  3. Congrats Bis!!! Is our cera baby going with you? My Mom just got back from Hawaii..She LOVED it!!!! When are you leaving?
  4. Oh yay congratulations.
  5. Yes...my cera (our cera) is coming with...originally I was going to leave her home...but decided she needed to see Hawaii! She's going along with my light blue leather Prada tote, and a black epi LV pochette for evening.

    We're leaving Saturday...flying to San Diego, then on Sunday we're cruising to Hawaii! I've never been...DH was there on his first honeymoon, but that doesn't count (;) ) besides, it was in 1978!

    Can't wait...but I'll miss my granddaughter SO much! :crybaby:
  6. Those sandals are totally cute!!

    .... and they look oh so comfortable. Please report back if you love them! Have a great time in Hawaii... :smile:
  7. Thanks - they are very comfy, which is why I bought them. I tried on several different pairs of flat thongs, including a very cute black pair, but these were the most comfortable - wore them around the house while packing last night!
  8. That's enough to get you excited for your trip, for sure!!! Just wearing them around the house... :p
  9. pretty sandals! they look absolutely perfect for summer!