Went to Neiman Marcus yesterday & fondled bbags..lol

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  1. I was home (from uni) yesterday so that my SO could play a game of "birthday golf" with his dad, and early in the day we went to the Westchester mall for old time's sake - and I saw so many beauuuutiful Balenciaga bags. It was easy to not want another when the 06 leather was not my style - it made me love and value mine twice as much - but the new bbags are simple edible - the leather is thick and soft... :love: ugh I want I want I want! I saw the LE Neiman Marcus bbag, similar in color to the cornflower, which makes my stomach turn, so no temptation there - but they had a black 07 city - with regular hardwear... it was so strange seeing another black city. I've only seen my own. I remember waiting on every wait list for that bag - and catching a break in CALIFORNIA of all places! Now they're more mass produced. NM had 1 07 black city, and 1 06 black first - the difference in leather was incredible. They had a white first with regular hardwear as well - a few firsts, actually - which being a bbag "oldie", was shocking. But the reeeeddddd. UGH it hit me - I was bitten by the BUG I think it's a red hobo and had gold giant hardwear - I was never a fan of the GH - but in this hobo GOD did it work. It was so damn SEXY. :yes: I loveeee that red. :love: I'd do with a red first as well - but with regular hardwear. They were incredible - incredible. It's so unfair I don't have money...

    /silly bbag puppy love. I'm gonna wear my bbag today in honor and out of pure materealistic appreciation :heart:
  2. ^lol! Glad you had a good time, I wish we had a variety of Bbags here to look at and try out. So the red you're in love with is tomato, right? It looks sooo yummy from afar!
  3. Oooohhhh...thanks so much for sharing your fondling experience, LL! I haven't been to NM in ages, and it's just nice to live vicariously through others...
  4. oh don't you just :heart: the 07 leather!! i think Bal has really taken it seriously that the thinker leather = selling more bag!!:tup:

    i think the gh GOD is working his charm because i totally feel in love with the GH too!! Will be getting my first one today!!

    thanks for letting us know!! how did you manage to fondle everything and leave the place without any bags? at least you got to feel the nice smooshy leather!!
  5. YES - it was fabuloussss - just like a freshly picked tomato from a garden - like nature, at it's best! :nuts:

    I am broke as a JOKE lol. I've got my 05 city on my lap, stroking her as we speak :lol:
  6. I'm new to bbags, but I love the leather of 07- granted I have nothing to compare it to! I just got my gsh black city last week, but OMG did my :heart: ever skip a beat over the tomato city with sgh when I saw it. I am jazzed that I got a bag that is a must for bal. girls with awesome leather!!!:tup:
  7. I LOVE 07 leather! It's really thick and very wrinkly, just gorgeous! I hear ya about the tomato, too. The color really pops and would complement any outfit quite nicely. Good pick and I hope you get to take her home soon!
  8. The Westchester Mall! It wasnt called that when I lived their. Glad you had fun feeling up the Bbags. gee, I have the NM bag and I dont think it is close to cornflower at all! To me its a blue, teal gray combo. oh well!:p
  9. Thanks for your NM tale. <SIGHS> I'm just DYING to get a F/W 07 bag!! :love:
  10. Isn't it fun to fondle what isn't yours? *s
  11. Since there are NONE within HUNDREDS of miles....I've never been able to fondle any but my own.....:crybaby:

    OH MY!:blush:
  12. OMG I have the SAME EXACT situation!!

    I went to Tysons Galleria's NM and fondled all the Bbags there...SO lovely. Wish I had the money for one...

    But I'm only 15 so there's still time to grow that collection! :tup: :graucho: