Went to LV yesterday

  1. and asked for the Trunks and Bags mini Pochette, well of course they didn't have any. But the woman was so just well...not nice. She didn't ask if I wanted them to call me when any came in or anything! Just no I don't think we have any, so I said well can you make sure? She asked another girl who confirmed they did not. that was it and they let me walk away! But there was some woman in there trying on Shoes and looking at the Satan little handbags, so I guess her 2500k sale overtook my little purchase :sad:
  2. Sorry you had to deal with this...maybe you can try in a different boutique?
  3. yeah maybe try a different boutique. I dont think they should put someone else before you just because they are spending more money...its their loss anyway.
  4. That's terrible customer service!
    Try a different boutique, I'm sure you'll receive better service somewhere else!
  5. Urg some SA's really need to do there job right!
    They are working for a high end designer and cba to help a customer??
    it's not fair
    so sorry to hear this happened!
    As others said try a different boutique or maybe go back there again but try a different SA?
    good luck with getting the pochette it's very pretty :smile:
  6. Ewww a hate snobby SA!!! Whether you buy anything or not and regardless what you wear, their customer service should always be at its best.
  7. I went the 866 route, the Atlanta boutique left me with a really bad impression last time I went.
    I want to wait to go in there again, perhaps they'll give me the time of day.
    I had money to spend the last time but they were so uninterested that day that I only bought a keychain & decided to wait until Scottsdale trip the next weekend to buy my bat. & give them my money there- they were so nice!
  8. Is it just me who doesn't get what the problem is? :shrugs: You asked if they had it, and she (correctly) said they didn't. You could have asked to be put on the waitlist. I mean it's not great service but I wouldn't consider it poor treatment either.
  9. wow what horrible service!! next time you should save all your purchases and just buy a couple of items in front of their face with a MUCH NICER and more helpfulm SA!! ....yeah, i'm spiteful like that >.<
  10. I also love the Scottsdale boutique, they really are super sweet there!:yes:
  11. Ah, the rest of my post did not post! I also wanted to say that it is awful to feel like you are being ignored or treated poorly because they view your purchase as being "small", I have experienced this and know the frustration. Sorry and I hope your next LV trip is better!
  12. Sorry to hear your trip was not a success.:sad:
    The SA should've asked for your details and offered to call when one does come in.
    I hope you manage to find your pouchette.
  13. ITA as previous posters. Deal with a different store. I don't care if you are spending 200 dollars or 2000 dollars. Smart SAs know that if they treat people with respect and like they are all VIPs that it is more likely to bring them more business. Heck, I visit LV now practically every week and I'm not dropping a grand each time and I expect to get treated nicely each visit. Find another boutique and I hope you have a much better experience next time. :smile:
  14. I really like the LV boutique better, but my fav mall is the one I went to yesterday which is inside Neiman Marcus, so I tend to go there when I am shopping shopping, now if I know i want something specific I go to the Boutique at the Galleria.
  15. Wow that sucks, oh well at least they didnt have it so you couldnt give her your business. They had the T&B pochette at the AM boutique here in HI earlier this week.