Went to LV yesterday, Sunday reveal

  1. Finally got to LV to check some stuff out. I ended up buying the last one they had in the store. My SA put it in the back on hold while she helped another customer and got me a water while I waited. Somehow my bag was brought out by another SA to show another customer who saw me try it on. I was unimpressed. Especially because my bag was as good as bought. I'm very OCD about other people touching my bags. My SA wasn't impressed either.
    Needless to say I bought my bag and went on my merry way.
    Who's up for a reveal?? :smile:
  2. Here!
  3. Oh yeaaaaa.......let's see it!!!!!!
  4. Lets see! I so dislike uncommon courtesy!
  5. I'm here!
  6. Let's see.
  7. I'm here
  8. I'm here
  9. :popcorn:
  10. waiting
  11. :Footballandpjs: waiting !!!!!!
  12. :jammin::jammin:
  13. Alright here she is in her brown bag
    image-4018332138.jpg image-1759616961.jpg
  14. Here! Hurrrrrry!!!!!! :smile:
  15. Opeenn.