Went to LV Yesterday....Here She is *PICS*

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  1. Well...went on a quick whirlwind trip to Chicago yesterday (literally only there for about an hour...after it took 2.5 hours to get into the city....so busy yesterday!).
    Anyways....headed straight for the LV in Saks on Michigan Ave (those of you who remember my groom fiasco know why I choose that store over the big one). Anyhow....I ended up buying my beautiful red Epi Speedy 25 (pics below). I love it!!!!!! The color is just so bright....it was about time for me to liven up my collection with some solid color. The hardware is silver...which I do like since I have alot of silver/white gold jewerly. She was Made in France...and normally that's not a big deal to me but this time I insisted. They had to go into the back back storeroom to get it for me...and he even left the plastic and the cardboard pieces on it (which will go into the trash as soon as I wear her).

    While there....I tried on the Leopard Stephen...Holy Bigness!!! But what a wow bag! I also tried on the Suhali Lockit LeFab and the LeTal. I really really like the Lockit PM (but hubby hates it) and I absolutely love the LeTal as well. I need more shoulder bags!

    I saw the new cruise bags....really really nice IRL!

    He also showed me the new keychains...they are part of what he called the metallic line (which I'm assuming also means miroir)...they are basically bright silver with a rectangle that says Louis Vuitton on it (and a couple other things in French). I know there are similar ones...but he said this one is super limited (they only got one of them)...and its wayyyyy shinier than the other ones that are out. Looks more like sterling silver....I could see it getting really scratched up.

    Looked at the inclusion pieces...they only have the framboise...no clear ones.

    I had a great time trying things out (as I do everytime I go there). Once we left I was a little bummed out because I wanted to hit the 5th floor of Saks for some jeans...but we had to make it back home for the football game (which we lost anyways...so was kind of a waste).
    BUT good news....we're heading back next weekend for another LV bag...hmmmmm which one to get???!!!!!!!???

    Here's pics as promised (including pics of the new fall ribbon - well new to me - and the Christmas catalogue I got in the mail last week):




    ***Pardon my clothes - Sunday bumming-around-the-house clothes***


  2. Woo for the new hot bag and having a clean mirror!!! :biggrin:
  3. Yeah congrats! It's beautiful!
  4. I want something Epi, too! It's very nice, congrats! : )
  5. Congrats!!! Epi speedys are TDF!! Love the red!
  6. twiggers, she is TDF! Congrats! And I can't wait to see what you pick up next week! :graucho:

    You look so nice carrying her! :love:
  7. Thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John: ACK....I need to clean...seriously....how does toothpaste end up on the mirror? LOL

  8. Thanks Addy!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to wear her this week!!!!!! The color...:love: I love it!

    I am sooooo tossed up about what to get next week. It definetly won't be anything Suhali....and hubby is already prepared for about $1200...so something around that price range!!!!!!!! I'm leaning toward the Duomo....but I really need another shoulder bag (I only have the one BV)!

    Oh...anbd I think I'm going to try to hunt down a red groom bandeau this week through 866 (my store didn't have any left).
  9. One word: KIDS.

    Do you mind sharing what color the interior is?
  10. Beautiful Red Speedy. Thank's for posting! Love seeing Speedies!!! And red is a nice color. I have convinced myself I can't wear red lol. But I admire those who wear red. And I would love getting the ribbon also, I haven't got a LV ribbon yet either.
  11. congrats...you are such a sweetie and it looks hot on you...your collection is drool worthy...me sooo happy for you!!!!

  12. Ugh...thank god I have none! It would be even worse...but a hubby is just like a kid LOL

    As for the interior...let me run upstairs and check! BRB
  13. Congrats!!! yayyyy another red speedy owner!!!!

  14. It's red like the outside..yummo!
  15. John: It is a really really bright red. Not as dark as the inside of the Damier speedys....and brighter than a Coke can. It's actually really close to the color of the Epi leather itself.