Went to LV tonight


Celebrate Everything
Sep 4, 2011
My SA called this afternoon, my GM Rayure Neverfull was in! Yeah!!!!!
We had such a fun time tonight, she showed me around the Seattle store (I had previously only been to the Bellevue store when I got my Artsy.) Seattle has shoes!!! :smile: They also have a Python Artsy for $9k there! It's in a glass display.
My Neverfull is my early Christmas present from hubby and then I picked out a medium size Agenda for an early Valentines (I'm so bad.)
It was a thrilling evening and then we had dinner w/ daughter afterwards.
My Neverfull will be put up until we go to Mexico and then out again for Spring and Summer. I just adore it. It's soooooo beautiful in person.
I told her she probably wouldn't see me again until June when I order a monogram speedy for my birthday in July! She said, "well theres always St. Patricks Day." <--- LOL!!! :biggrin:

Jan 10, 2011
I saw this bag at LV today and you definitely have to see it in person to appreciate it. It's so cute. Congrats


Jun 15, 2010
Gorgeous - congrats! I love when the whole experience is so special - every time you look at the bag, that warm feeling comes back to you :biggrin: