Went to LV today!

  1. Didn't buy anything though because I am on a ban until I get my Hermes Evelyne.

    Anyways, I tried on the Cloud GM bag and its gargantuan! And one of the huge straps didn't stay on my shoulder. I also didn't like the plastic chain. I think I would prefer the PM, but theres a waiting list for that!

    Then I tried on the Dentelle Fersen, which looked good on me but too expensive! I think its was $2660 CAD. I thought it would be heavy because of the metal chain strap, but its actually lighter than it looks!

    I asked for the Yellow Tobago Carryall and then the SA went to check and came back saying that they have no Tobago Carryalls left in ANY colour! :crybaby:

    Then I went to Holt Renfrew and the SA there was eyeing the tab on my Azur Speedy and then told me I'm very lucky to get one made in France, cuz from now on, they'll only get made in USA ones! Then another customer saw my bag and asked if she could get one and the SA said that they have no idea when more will be coming in. They must STILL have a long waitlist!

    I asked to see the Pomme Koala Wallet, but there are waitlists on it in both LV AND Holt.

    Both LV and Holt were also all sold out of the Marilyn and the Ursula, althought I did see one girl carrying the white Marilyn at LV in Holt. Its cute irl!
  2. Only made in USA ones? I wonder why that is? Interesting to know though.

    I love the Tobago Carryalls.. So pretty. Too bad you didn't get to see them!
  3. Wow! You're so good not buying anything. I always end up getting something so I try to avoid LV boutique as much as possible :sweatdrop: . Anyway, I'm suprise azur speedy is still rare there in Canada. I went to LV yesterday and they had like 8 azur speedy 25 and other azur style like pochette, saleya and so. I was almost going to get azur speedy 25 but I ended up getting something else lol.
  4. I think the SA said that all the made in France ones would be sent to LVs in Asia.

    I have seen the Tobago Carryalls irl in November, but I just wanted to check if it was still there because the Yellow Tobago Carryall was still on my list of things to get eventually.
  5. I used to be like that. I was like, "I have to stay the hell away from LV in fear that I'll see something that I like!" :p

    They did have the Azur Saleya in all 3 sizes! I tried on the MM and still thought the bottom was too wide to carry comfortably on the shoulder.
  6. Maybe someday... lol! I can look without buying lol!
  7. What did you buy yesterday?
  8. :graucho: I actually bought something two weeks ago and then stop by and got something small.

  9. What?! What!?

    Speaking of small, I also saw the mini lin cles in dune. Its stiffer than I thought. I thought it would be kinda floppy but its not because of the leather interior I think.
  10. Well i hope you find a Louis Vuitton soon.
  11. I went to LV today too and bought nothing. Went to a "new to me" LV (Fashion Valley), because I was in San Deigo working. I had to do something to wait out the traffic. :graucho: Everything I asked about, they were out of. I did get to see the cloud bags IRL though. They're nice...but there's so many other things I'd rather have. I tried on a few bags that I'm considering for future purchases....Black MC speedy, BH and Cabas Mezzo. It was fun, but SA didn't know what she was talking about.:shocked:
  12. How fun it must be to look at all those eye candy in LV! I actually got Azur Saleya MM last weekend, but will post the pix w/Ellipse Shop GM for you all the vote on which is a keeper. Are the cloud bags really delicate? I am on wait list for cloud bags too, except i've never seen it IRL ^^;
  13. I didn't think they were delicate!
  14. I got a BH and etoile bandeau in pink. Thanks for the info about the mini lin cles dune.
  15. can't believe u left empty-handed! woohoo!