Went to LV today...

  1. so my plan today was to buy a damier azur pochette, damier small ring agenda and damier porte-cartes. i decided not to get the pochette because i just got my boyfriend a digital camera for our anniversary so i didn't want to spend the extra money and also it's not nice enough out to wear my spring clothes which would match it better. i went into the store and got the agenda, without paper because i was going to go to staples after. and they didn't have the porte cartes so i got the damier pocket organizer. so i left and went to staples and looked at the paper and realized that it's just too small for me to write in. even if i write my smallest, i just have so many things that i write down on a daily basis. when i got back in the car i packed up the agenda and tried out the organizer and it was too tight for all the cards i want to fit in it. soooooo tomorrow morning i'm gonna go back and return both but i don't know if i want to get the medium agenda or just take the money and take this as a sign that i shouldn't be buying anymore lv's! haha well if i do come home with something tomorrow i'll absolutely post pictures of it.
  2. congrats!! cant wait for pics!!!
  3. I hope you end up with something you absolutely love!
  4. if you plan to actually write something down in agenda, definitely go w/medium! I personally can't write in my koala agendas b/c it's just not enough space. If not agenda, what about those pretty LVoe scarf/bandeau? :graucho:
  5. i hope you pick something great!
  6. The Medium Ring Agenda is the PERFECT size. Can't wait to see pics!
  7. I agree, the medium is the best, that's the one I have and it's perfect for writing things down in.
  8. :yahoo: congrats!!! cant wait to see pics
  9. I would go for the medium ring agenda, it's such a perfect size!
  10. hope that you will come back with something that you like and share pics!!!
  11. If you need to write things down, yup the medium will be the best. I like my small one though! lol! Good lcuk with whatever you decide!
  12. oh no! i love my small! i am sorry it didn't work out for yoU! the azur is so cute in small styles too! what about paper with larger lines or a day on each page? would that help you? there are so many diff kinds of paper for the agenda, maybe you just need diff inserts and not a whole different agenda.