Went to LV today to pick up a lil somethin', somethin'...

  1. Thanks to all who contributed to my poll, I finalized on the MC White 4-keyholder. This is my first item (but not last) from the MC line. My most concern was the print rub-off, but once I held her in my hands, I couldn't resist not leaving LV without her. The small MC mono print is so adorable! :tender: My second choice was the Amarante one, but the finger prints irked me. Plus it would be too dark to find in my bag.

    While there, I tried on the Black and Blue Neo Cabby MM and GM. Believe it or not, I wasn't thrill with it. The Black MM was on my wishlist and I was hoping it would be a messenger bag for me, but it doesn't fit across my body. The GM did, however, it's huge. So that's cross off my wishlist. Guess the upside is I saved $1500+.

    Also tried on the Sweet Monogram white pastel ring, but it didn't fit my ring finger, too loose! :cursing: It fit my index finger but it didn't look right. I tried on the 50 which is supposely be the smallest size. I didn't realize how small/slim my fingers are. Gosh I want it so bad! Wonder if LV can customize to fit my finger? :s

    Lastly, I picked up a leather strap for my Pomme Roxy Drive so I can wear her across my body.

    Oh yea, I'm waitlisted for Tivoli PM. Yes, SA confirmed it's released in November and the PM is not adjustable. Can't wait!
    IMG_1168.JPG IMG_1169.JPG IMG_1171.JPG IMG_1172.JPG IMG_1174.JPG
  2. It's too cute-congrats!!
  4. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  5. After seeing these pics, I am contemplating on getting one in black MC!!!

    Congrats! :smile:
  6. Congrats... So cute
  7. So pretty! Congratz! I am loving the look of the key holder in white MC.

    And thanks for the idea, I am going to try the long strap that I have to wear rox across the body....
  9. John: GET IT! GET IT!
  10. I'm totally inspired from your visuals (black MC and Pomme Keyholder). So I think the Pomme will be next, depending on how well this keyholder thinger works for me.
  11. Awww, it is so pretty and adorable.

    I want one of these so bad but in Black MC.

    You got a beautiful color combo on the front too.

    Congrats girl!
  12. Congrats! Very cute!!
  13. ooh congrats i love the key holder!
  14. Nice haul, color combo is so cute. You're enabling me as well to get one.
  15. I've never seen the rox worn cross-body! :nuts:

    Modeling pics please!