Went to LV today***pics***jack&lucie/toilette

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  1. I just got back from Lv and I think that I can offically declare myself a newbie addict.:rolleyes: I bought my very first LV 3 weeks ago(BH & accordion) and have been elated with my purchaces:yahoo: This led me to think of course that my black nylon cosmetic bag just wasn't cutting it in my new beautiful bag:shrugs: So I took a lil trip and this is what I got:happydance:
    lv01.jpg lv02.jpg lv03.jpg lv04.jpg lv05.jpg
  2. Lovely!!!
  3. congrats! super cute! enjoy them!
  4. Congrats! Love your jack and lucie and the toilette case.:yahoo:
  5. The more I see them the more I want J & L in white & orange !!!!
    Which LV did you get them from & do they have anymore ?
  6. congrats!
  7. Yes they have more!:yes: It's so funny b/c I was in the store to buy my cosmetic bag (san francisco, CA) and I was telling my SA how much I wanted the J&L and she told me they were sold out but she would keep her eyes peeled. When I got home there was a message telling me that after I left she found some in the store.:yahoo: o I rushed right back to the store and bought it. They have both colors and also all three colors of the speedy inclusion key ring.;)

    Also thank you all for your congrtats:drinkup:
  8. Everything is so useful and stylish! Congratulations and welcome!
  9. love your new stuff!!!
  10. congrats! jack and lucie are TDF!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Congrats!!! Jack&Lucie looks the best in orange/white combo, great buy!
  13. Congrats! Love you J and L
  14. welcome!! I just LOVE the jack & lucie. I ordered one on friday and cant wait till it comes in!!!
  15. so cute, i find it comes in handy while traveling. I have the size larger which holds my airline, tickets, ID and passport if necessary. so cute, congrats