Went to LV today - not totally thrilled...

  1. I went to LV today to get my latest purchase (a Cabas Piano w/eLux receipt) from eBay authenticated. I've taken in a few bags before - one from a high-end consignment shop and one from an estate sale - and the SA's have always been very nice about authenticating my bags. I've also purchased new from eLux before, and carry one of my new, def. auth. bags in with me.

    Anyway, today the SA was technically nice to me when I showed her the Piano, told her I purchased it from eBay, and asked if she thought it was authentic (I told her it came with the eLux receipt, but I wasn't sure about the straps - the stitching looked a little funny to me). She glanced at the bag very quickly I thought, and said, "Um hmm, that's right - its authenic - we can't help the straps being that way, it's just the way they're made." Even though she was polite, I just got the feeling that she didn't really look closely at my bag, and thought less of me because I bought it on eBay. Maybe I was being over-sensitive, but it was just the feeling I got.

    I then purchased a Fortune Keychain there in LV, and she took the display model, put it in a dust bag and box, rang me up, and carried my bag to the door. Is it customary for them to give you the display models when you purchase something? Maybe it really was the only one they had in the store, but I just didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling. She also asked me while she was ringing me up how much I paid for the Cabas Piano. I can't put my finger on it - she was quite polite, and even gave my 3 year old son who was with me three LV stickers because "he was so good, and so cute!" which was really sweet. I was planning on going back next week when my son is in preschool to take more time to look at some new bags, particularly the Hampstead MM, but don't know if I want to deal with her again. I would just order it from eLux, but for some reason, they don't have the Hampstead MM, just the GM, online. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent - I was probably just overreacting, but got a strange feeling that she was being a little judgemental. I'll see how I feel about it next week when I'm ready to shop some more...:smile:
  2. I don't think you're overreacting. It's not like you're saying "OMG that hoe was so rude and I'm never shopping there again!!!". To be honest with you, I've gone into stores for authenticating things and I had an uneasy feeling also. I feel like the sales associates think that you're buying things online so they don't want to help because they figure you won't give them business.
  3. I had to take the display model of my running sneakers, not happy but its in MINT condition :smile: could have been the only keychain left, I wouldnt take it personally. Now if you specifically ordered one and they gave u the display, thats different
  4. I don't think you are overeacting. Sometimes our own instincts tell us a lot more than we realize. I would go back when you don't have your son and see how that experience goes. It could be just the way she is - I personally wouldn't take offense.
  5. I agree with you regarding the part where they can be judgemental when you buy a bag from Ebay. I think they can be that way. But the other side of that is...well, they work at Louis Vuitton and they aren't really supposed to say, "wow, you got a good deal, good for you getting it on ebay instead of here"! Know what I mean?

    As far as the floor model, did you ask her if they had anymore in the back? Sometimes you have to ask because, you know, maybe that certain person "just doesn't think" to go in the back and get a fresh one.

    I think it really depends on the SA's, some are so sweet and nice, and others act like they don't give a crap whether you buy something or not. I always try to avoid those, if that happens to me once...I do not go to that person again.

    I hope you do try to go back again and try a different SA this time...you never know.
  6. Actually you where quite lucky she even looked at it LV are not supposed to authenticate bags anymore, perhaps she was a little strange because she was doing something she is not supposed to be
  7. Thanks for letting me know, Label Addict - I had no idea LV wasn't doing that anymore. I am not going to buy on ebay anymore, though, since I have been stung a few times, and just happened to get lucky the last few times to get authentic items! I think in the future I will stick to new-in-the-store, or pre-loved from let-trade or the new My Poupette site. Thanks, again, for letting me know!

    Thanks, everyone, for making me feel like I'm not a complete nut! :p
  8. i don't think they are thrilled about authenticating things from ebay. i'm sure it gets tiring for them. i had a weird vibe doing it in the past.

    sorry you didn't have a good time, i think all LV experiences should be fabulous, especially since you purchased something!
  9. Really LV doesnt authenticate? When i took my fuschia in they were lovely about it and said, oh i havent seen one of these for a long time!
    Em this SA sounds similar to one at my boutique. Its not thats shes rude but shes just 'cold', kwim? She has got no personality and seems like your taking up her time. So i know how you feel! I just say hello to her and go to a different SA. Preferably one of the 2 male SAs, they are just always sooo helpful!
    yeh just be nice but use a different SA, i hate it when they dont make you feel happy and warm like you said, and when we are paying that much i want to feel fuzzy! lol xx
  10. Awwww, sorry you did not get the service you deserved.
  11. Is carrying the purchase to the door customary? I received great service on my first LV purchase, but I like to walk around a store looking at stuff on the way out after a purchase (impluse buy habit!!!!). Even though the SA was nice as peaches, I still felt a bit like, "Your transaction had ended. OUT!". :sad:
  12. i dont think its customary for them to carry your items to the door... the only time they did that for me in australia was when i bought albatros at crown casino LV in melbourne

    but in beijing, they always serve me orange juice, walk me to the door and kinda bow to me and say thank you. which is always nice.. :biggrin:
  13. Hi.. Sorry you were not happy with the visit. Hopefully next time will be better. Hugs. :sad:
  14. I would say if she made you feel uncomfortable to deal with someone different. It just sounds like however she acted is just the way she is. I've never had anyone walk me to the door after I make a purchase. I'm usually looking at things as I walk out too, eyeing up what I might like to get in the future.

    As for display stuff, my inclusion key chain was the display one but it that was because that was their last one. So, who knows? Maybe it was their last or maybe she just didn't think to check in the back.
  15. She is probably just clueless on how to give excellent customer service. As far as the walking you out with your bag sort of deal I would think they want you in there more so you can give them more business.