WENT TO LV TODAY!!! Need help in choosing top 3 bags...

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  1. Hi to everyone! been a big TPF fan for quite some time, my days are not complete if I don't visit you guys here.

    I visited our LV boutique this afternoon, and I took pics of my 5 wishlist :nuts: but I can only afford to get 3 of them... I'm leaving for Paris in the next 3 weeks and would appreciate if you guys can help me choose 3 bags from these 5....:sweatdrop:

    The bags I'm choosing from are:
    Epi ivory in Alma
    Epi Ivory JAsmin
    MC speedy Black
    MC speedy white
    Mini Lin in White

  2. I think.....
    Epi Ivoire Alma (saw this today in my boutique..TDF!)
    MC Speedy Black
    Mini Lin Speedy Dune or MC Speedy White
  3. oooooh id chose the epi alma, white mc speedy and mini lin dune!
    enjoy your trip! :biggrin:
  4. ^^hey youre from manila too...I was in LV today at around 2:30pm....it was a mad house with all the foreigners shopping (japanese & koreans)
  5. mc speedy!

    in any color. that bag is truly a work of art, props to takashi.
  6. Get them all in WHITE!!!
  7. Black MC speedy, mini lin dune, and epi ivory jasmin!
  8. ivory jasim, black mc speedy, and white mc speedy
  9. I would suggest MC white and Black speedy and Epi ivory Jasmine :yahoo:
  10. ooh fellow filipinos! heeheehee :smile:

    i think you should get the alma and the mini lin speedy. both look really good on you!


    ooh you wanted three?

    get the black mc speedy too! :heart::heart:
  11. All the bags are gorgeous , but if you really have to pick 3 out from 5, then pick :

    1) MC Speedy Black
    2) Epi Ivory JAsmin
    3) Mini Lin Dune

    IMO, by choosing these 3, you can have a piece from different collections! Good luck with your decision and have a nice trip to Paris!;)
  12. Get both Ivoire Alma and Jasmine and White MC Speedy

  13. I agree! :yes:
  14. 1) Epi ivory in Alma!!!!!!!
    2) White MC Speedy
    3) Mini Lin Dune

    As you can see, I'm in favour of light colours. Lol...
    You look fantastic in the Alma...and also the White MC Speedy!
  15. Epi Ivoire Jasmine
    black MC Speedy
    & Mini Lin Dune
    all looked really good with you holding them!
    Have fun in Paris!