Went to LV today - look what I got!

  1. Went to LV today to hand in my luggage tags for heatstamping.. And I just couldn't resist getting this little cutie.. Pics to come..
  2. *suffocating from suspense* WHAT IS IT??
  3. Very tricky-I will be by late to see the pics!
  4. :lol: I'll swing by later!
  5. :popcorn:
  6. common, *tapping foot*, dying to see pix!:nuts:
  7. It's very cute.. :love: Are you ready?
  8. Lets see it!
  9. Lets see the pics.
  10. lets see!!
  11. Show us! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: WHich SA do you use?
  12. pictures now!!!!
  13. i've BEEN ready to see the pix! ^^
  14. Ok, here it is.. My SA in Oslo is Hans, but also Kari (SM) They're lovely! Enjoy! I've totally fallen in love with it :love: BTW sorry for poor pic quality..
  15. Ok!

    Nice Groom cles. ^_^ haha