Went to LV today....didn't go quite as planned...PICS!!

  1. I went to LV today to buy the Le Fab and a Damier....

    I LOVE the Le Fab :love: but felt it was too big on me and so did the SA so I ended up with the L'Epanoui PM in white. It's a little smaller than I like, but I liked the shape better on me than the Le Fab, plus I can get everything I need to fit except my agenda, which is okay since I usually keep it in my brief.

    I was debating on the Lockit PM in black and was almost going to ask her to hold it, then I looked at the time and decided just to get it, but I think I may return it. It's a beautiful bag but I'm not so crazy about the shape and I don't like the way it's bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. Plus there's really nothing that special about it for the price.

    Oh, I was planning on buying the Duomo but the SA talked me out of it! She said it looked too much like my Madison PM. I think she thought I was going to buy one or the other not all three. Her loss!

    What do you guys think????? Be honest!! I can take it!!!

  2. i love the L'epanoui. im not too crazy about the lockit either but they both look great on your arm!
  3. Well, it's sort of telling that you are already using the words "I don't like" with regard to the Lockit. I feel that for the money you should be completely happy and not have any "don't like it" feelings at all....
  4. I really like the Lockit in black!
  5. :nuts: 0o00o wow! you wear them both really well!!! but i totally am in LOVE with the suhali lockit!!!! so my vote goes for the lockit for sure!!!! 0o0o0 so beautiful! :love:
  6. I think it looks great! I would keep it, I like it even more than the L'Epanoui
  7. I LOVE the L'epanoui!! OoH, I'm sooo envious!!!
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I like the Lockit too but I don't think I'm "in love" ......at least not yet. I'll decide in the next day or so. I think I would rather wait for their fall bags to come out.:love::love::love:

  9. ooh.. i never saw the one before.. and i thought i wouldn't like any bags next season.. hmmm.. i might be wrong! :shame:
  10. lockit!!:heart: i don't want you get offended.......but you said you can take it.....so here it is.....it has great slimming affect too!! maybe i need one too. :nuts: :love:

    both look great on you though!! :tender:
  11. oth look GREAT... but love the Lockit more. ;)
  12. lockit looks great on u imo. both look very nice, but i prefer the lockit, especually on u! :yes:
  13. what's a madison pm? Btw, love the l'epanoui and not so fond of the lockit. I think the l'epanoui will be less common therefore more special!!! =)
  14. To be honest, they both look great on your arm :love:
    But if I have to decide, I vote L'Epanoui

    OHHH! you just post...:rolleyes:
    OK, now I think you are right :yes:
    If you couldnt find bag you really fall in love with,
    it's great to wait for new collection
    I hope you can find the right one soon ;)
  15. Sorry, I meant the Manhattan pm- I still get all these bags names mixed up!:wacko: