Went to LV today and saw BOTH GALLERIA(?) BAGS!

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  1. Not sure if I spelled the name of the bags right ..LOL:confused1:

    BUT I saw BOTH the Galleria PM AND GM today,I put my MONTY GM next to the GALLERIA PM...and the galleria was HIGHER and a touch bigger but about the same size.I found the GM GALLERIA TOOOOOOOOOO BIG FOR ME!
    LOVES THEM THOUGH!:heart::tup:
    SAKS LV in BALA CYNWYD had like ALL the new bags there on display..I couldnt beleive the selection.They had the denim XS mahina which I LOVE..and the metallic Mahina..very cute!the Joke bags(I dont like them personally...)...etc...

    Anyway for those of u indecisive about the GALLERIA bags..The PM is PLENTY BIG IRL!!!
    it was good to put my MONTY GM next to the PM and see that sizewise ...the PM was the closest to JILL size!
    they r released APRIL1...so I wont get it till WED..as Im shipping it to avoid paying PA tax!Ill post pics then too!
  2. oooh congrats Jill!! its galliera. but i call it galleria anyway LOL.
  3. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!! I wanna see pictures!!!!
  4. pics please:yahoo:
  5. any spy pix :graucho:? between monty and galliera, which is a better buy?
  6. for some reason i think i want the GM, but will have to see in person..cant wait.
  7. I adore my MONTY GM and literally have been wearing it for weeks.Its suits my NEW lifestyle with a baby....
    Galleria is alot different....its more of a HOBO where the Monty is more of a bowler shape
  8. Oh, I need to stop by the boutique tomorrow to check it out!! I can't wait...
  9. They are in store already. But they are really huge, even for the smaller one which is bigger than tulum GM.

    The shoulder strap ends are rather far apart and the canvas between the ends can't stay in shape. It is hard to explain, need to try it out in store.

    If you do get it, post pic!
  10. I can't wait for Tuesday!!
  11. It's going to be a tough decision for me because I like big bags. What to do, what to do?
  12. Can't wait to see pics!
  13. i want to see , havent been to the mall in a week ?
  14. ugh, i'm so disapointed, i headed to my boutique, and was told they were not in yet :tdown: does anyone know if the gm is comparable to a mahina xl? it sounds huge, and yet right up my alley.....
  15. ^If u like the XL mahina..then get the GM...Both those bags were toooo big on me but u may like