Went to LV store, could not believe the LE fr om previous years

  1. Went to the store, they had entire case of cles, wallets, keyholders, in both colors and a speedy in silver of the Dentelle line.
    In the next case they had LV runway bag with the handbeading in both colors.
    Did not think I would find all those as Dentelle line is from previous year
  2. Wow! Did you get anything?
  3. What store did you visit?
  4. LV at Lenox Mall in Atlanta had a couple of Dentelle pieces-wallets, cles etc. when I was there about a month ago.
  5. yeah the LV at Ala Moana has a lot of dentelle too. though this was the last time i visited (november).
  6. LOL!! I had that @ my store too. My SA was honest, and told me they are so desperately trying to get rid of it!!! Guess it didn't sell that well here. I almost, almost got the Dentelle Speedy, had to stop myself!!
  7. ^Lol I think my store was doing the same thing awhile back. They were really trying to push that line last year.
  8. Hmm... I too was thinking it would be sold out!!
  9. i am sure they would have no problem selling the bags if there discount on them :graucho:
  10. My store has a few pieces too and they still had the fersen and all the s/s stratus bags:yes: They have quite a few LE from a few past seasons too such as the chains cabas...my SA said that they were trying to push the metallic lockits & rubis range sales:yes:
  11. wow! did they offer you a discount? :graucho:
  12. Wouldn't it be lovely it LV did have sales on past year's merchandise? Even Chanel has occasional sales. I would snap some of the rubis line up in a heartbeat if it was just a little less $$.

    My store still has a little of the Dentelle line left as well. And a rubis of each size.
  13. They had a TON of Groom items at the Boston Copley location.
  14. My store has lots of the dentelle too! They even had a shearling and mirage speedy and musette on display!
  15. I often see LE items from my local boutique. We have a LOT of stuff. (I just secretly wish that the Alligator Lockit PM bag will still be there in 3 years!!! lol I don't ask much, JUST THREE YEARS! lol)