Went to LV on 5th ave today- guess what i heard?

  1. i don't know if this will be funny to anyone but me but as i was talking to one of the SAs someone came up and was asking about something else. a woman with her daughter. then she says "well, when's it going to go on sale?" LOL. i was going to be the bearer of bad news but the SA beat me to it.

    i got myself a little something something but i don't have the energy to take a pic. there was so much there i wanted though. they had TONS of mandarin epi things if anyone was looking.

    i wish i was made of money...
  2. :roflmfao: @ "well, when's it going to go on sale?"

    plz post pics of ur new something:biggrin:
  3. it's just a little scarf. i so do not need it but it's so pretty- the red fleur twilly- and the SA was so nice. i swear i am a sucker for a nice SA
  4. what did you get?! ahh!
  5. ohh! that is CUTE! congrats!
  6. i love how non-plussed the SAs are about EVERYTHING. some guy was buying a belt and telling the SA about how he works at kenneth cole. she was like "really, that's nice. people here used to work there..." it's like she couldn't have cared less, which she probably could have. lol. then there was the woman trying to fix her 1000 year old speedy. i think it might have been fake. she was saying "well, then what options have i got?" the SA said "well, none. but you could buy a new one." LOL.

    i tried to have my agenda heat stamped. they told me it would be 3 weeks! when i went to Saks and asked first they said they wouldn't do it because it had to be new- um i bought it about 3 weeks ago and just took it out for the first time today!- and then the manager said well, we send it to the 5th ave store to have that done. he was shocked that they told me 3 weeks. LOL
  7. LOL, that's how i got talked in to the Jack and Lucie key chain...
  8. "when is it going to be on sale?"

    hahahahHAHAHA. was the SA really brutal?
  9. I would have died...if I were there and heard that question. How in the world do you politely answer that question with out sounding like a snob??:flowers:
  11. i wanted to be like "aw honey we're all waiting to find that out." lol

  12. that is pretty funny Finn! And about the speedy being 1000 yrs old and possibly fake, oh dearie! I love that the SA said to buy a new one, yikes! nosey question, but how much is heat stamping? seems like a huuuuuge commitment to brand it no? Can you put it wherever you want it?
  13. heat stamping is free. they do have certain places you can put it. i think it is a commitment because basically then you can't resell. i want to heatstamp my agenda because i think it looks nice and then i won't keep thinking i should return it cause i won't be able to. LOL
  14. I would be living in a cardboard box by now if LV's actually went on sale. :graucho:
  15. the way i've been spending lately it's a wonder i'm not living in a box