Went to LV Hotel Vancouver and Holt Renfrew today

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  1. There is a gold miroir pochette on display at the Hotel Vancouver! It does look super-thin!

    Apparently there is a long waiting list for the Damier Azur Speedy 25 at both Holt Renfrew and Hotel Vancouver...so I put my name down on the waiting list at the Hotel Vancouver and hopefully I'll get it before the February 1st price increase! Screw the purse ban! :P

    Hotel Vancouver also still has quite a few mandarin pieces left, including the Speedy 30, bucket, sac plat, and petit noe.
  2. the speedy in azur is the only one i can stand. good luck!
  3. Oh hopefully you get it! And mandarin pieces too, huh.. I wish I was in Canada!
  4. yummy Mandarin! Thanks for the info...I hope you get your Azur before Feb.
  5. Ooooh! I hope some fellow PFers nab those mandarins! :heart:Good luck on your Azur speedy before the increase!
  6. It must've been sold already, because both Pearl and I called there and they said the waiting list is too long so there are no pochettes available.
  7. I can't believe there is a wait list for the damier azur speedy.
  8. I just called LV at Holt Renfrew and they had no more Speedies left in the Miroir but they have a Silver Pochette! And they also have the gold and possibly silver at the LV Hotel.

    If anyone is interested! Go call them and grab it!
  9. Ughh...which means they probably got another shipment in! They told me their silver pochette wait list was super long and there's no point in me adding me name!
  10. You called the Hotel Vancouver? :nuts: BTW, how much was your clear inclusion bracelet? I saw it at LV yesterday, and although I don't normally wear bracelets, its :drool: . How are you finding yours? Is it prone to scratching?
  11. I think I've called every single store in Canada about the Miroir pochette except the ones in Montréal.

    My inclusion was $290.50 including Albertan tax. :P It's $275, so in BC it'll come to...uhhh...$313.50 (assuming BC is 14% total tax; I don't remember)

    I've worn it ONCE since I've gotten it and it was the day that I got it. That very day I also accidentally bumped it against the wall and there is now a tiny scuff mark there...not very noticeable, but I always examine my things very carefully and it bugs me a little, so I will not wear it unless I'm not at work or school (which is like maximum one day a week).

    I love it...I think it's prone to scratches since, well, it's a bracelet, but meh! A bracelet is meant to be worn, so whatever!
  12. Wow, you are dilligent! If it was me, I'd just ask my SA to call for me!

    Thanks for the info. BC tax is 13% so it would come out to $310.75. Do they have different sizes for different sized wrists? Or is it one size fits all?
  13. One size fits all, it should fit most wrists unless you're really big boned and have big hands! Mine slips through fine but the inclusion I think is a tad too big for my wrist.

    As for the Miroir calling, I would've felt weird asking my SA to call around...because our LV hasn't even received their FIRST shipment of Miroir yet! So having my SA calling around would be kinda weird...so I just did it myself. I enjoyed talking to all the different SAs about Miroir anyways. ;)
  14. LOL @ big boned. The clear inclusion bracelets are limited right? Anyways , I can't buy it right now...must save for the Azur Speedy 25! :crybaby:
  15. Me too, they still keep popping up on elux.