Went to LV during lunch break

Jun 5, 2006
I finally went down to LV to see my fav SA, Laura, who works out of the Macy's Herald Square store...she's such a doll. Well, I picked up the very essential batiignolles horizontal, lvoe bandaeu and red cotton bandana...not sure of the name, but I think it's been available for a while now. I will post pics later on this evening.

I was most excited to take a peak at the fall/winter look book...so many goodies. So, I'm on the waitlist for
1. Miroir lockit - gold (says gold but SA and myself thinks it may acutally be a bit more on the copper side)
2. Damiar Handbag GM or PM (no real name yet, but it kind of sort of reminds me of the stephen...has a strap)
3. Amarante "Sunset Blvd"
4. Degrade Speedy
5. Trunks & Bag mini pochette w/red stamp
6. Cles Fleurs
7. Cles Grelots (looks like an updated pastilles

Yes, I'll be broke after this...lol.

Everyone run and check out the goods...oh, and yes, I want the new damier sophie, but as with the other one..only Hawaii, Japan and Guam...whatever!!!!
Jun 5, 2006
The pic of the cles is so tiny..hard to really see details. But it looks like the pastilles key chain..except instead of it being made of of all multi color pastilles there are random ball-like things hanging after every couple pastilles...kind of look like bells. Again..very hard to see details because the pic is so small. I signed up because I figure I would get this one instead of the older model.