went to LV and my mom got a prezzie for herself! :)

  1. Hi guys

    Went to LV today...

    -My SA showed me the Griet bags in the Mono, Damier, and Damier Azur on the computer, and the Murakami Neverfull (with the big LV w/ the hands...they are also coming out with a Rond);

    -Saw the Limelight clutch in Copper (TDF!!:drool:) (Brigette- omg, the bag is goregeous!)

    -Saw the Mirage Speedy in Noir (OMG!! :drool::drool:)

    Anyways........me and my mom share the same b-day (October 7th), and she picked out a b-day pressent for herself....

    The Neverfull MM!

    There was a waitlist for 3 weeks at our store, and there was actually one that no one was on line for, so she took the opportunity :smile:

    My SA also gave me a Le Catalouge

    Pics will come later tonight, hopefully!
  2. sounds like you had a fun trip! congrats to your mom on her new bag(im sure you might "borrow" it from time to time,lol)
  3. ^lol........def :smile:
  4. Congrats to your mom!
    & Happy early birthday to you both!!!
  5. ^ awww thanks Kaiie :smile:
  6. Congrats to your Mom and happy early Birthday to the two of you! The neverfull MM is a great choice!
  7. cute zoe! now you can borrow it and you can use the pm and the mm!
    now im really excited for my clutch! omg! christmas is going to take forever!!!
  8. Happy early birthday!
  9. Happy birthday to you both that's my mam's Birthday too!

    Griets coming in Azur too!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday in advance to you and your mom!

    It's great that you two share the same birthdays and interest in bags! ;D Congrats!

    And you had a chance to see the Murakami Neverfull ! What did you think of it? =)
  11. yay! happy bday both of you, well early anyway!
  12. Congrats!

    Dont you have a Neverfull? You guys could match!
  13. You and your mom have the same birthday? Co-incidence!
  14. Hi there!!

    Happy early birthday to you and your mom!! What fun to do a b-day shopping together like that!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  15. happy birthday to you and your mom!!!!!