Went to LV and Holt Renfrew today

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  1. I finally saw the Damier azur mini pochette in real life! :nuts: I also saw the Jack and Lucy keychain.

    Anyways, Holt Renfrew is giving out these new LV books with pics of the pastilles keychain, Damier Azur mini pochette, Mini lin bucket and more! Did anyone else get one?

    BTW, did anyone else see the dog outside LV at the hotel vancouver wearing an LV dog collar? :lol: Her name is Mavis.
  2. I bought the pastilles keychain and I LOVE IT! I can be used to clip onto the straps of your LV bag (It is on my Lockit with it's key on it). Or even cuter is to wear on as a bracelet! If you can find it, buy it because it is going fast because it is priced well.:rolleyes:
  3. I sounds like you had alot of fun.
  4. Ooooo.. gotta stop by and get the new mini catalogue. Thanks for posting!
  5. Very nice, can you post pic's ?
  6. No one else got the book? It also had a pic of a black alligator alma!
  7. I got the book that is mentioned when I bought my mono speedy, mono koala wallet and cles this past week. I can't stop flipping on the pages and getting ideas for x-mas wish list:yes: :yes:
  8. umm...no! but I call my friend MAVIS lol... but it's not his real name tho and he likes to punch my LV bags..........:wtf:

    hope you had fun:biggrin:
  9. That dog is actually the hotel vancouver dog. She went inside of LV and everyone was petting her. :P I heard that LV actually gave her that dog collar for free!
  10. WOW .. I wonder if I place my dog outside LV here would they offer her a free collar;) GREAT story:yes: