went to LUSH today...

  1. to spend $13 on lemony flutter only to walk you with $66 worth of products! i didn't realize that the limited edition holiday stuff was in already. so here's the damage:

    snow fairy (large)
    1/4lbs of snowcake (free w/ snow fairy)
    flosty glitter bubble bar
    holiday bubble bar
    chrismas kisses bubble bar
    wiccy magic muscle massage bar
    lemony flutter (can't live w/o it)

    they had the new soild perfumes, may have to pick up the champaign snow showers solid perfume. so if you like the holiday collection, now's a good time to buy, they have some good specials going on. they hubby's not going to be too happy tho, i also spent over $100 at sephora...
  2. ^^Champagne snow showers has a lovely scent. I use the jelly to wash my hair.
  3. what's lush? i'm from southern california and i never heard of it....is it like sephora?
  4. ^^^Lush is a bath & body store that (I think) started in Europe and has only recently come to the States (again, I think, LOL!)

    They have really great natural products, from soaps to shampoos, facial cremes, and really cool bath products, like fizzies for the tub.


    There are several in the LA area (BH, Santa Monica, LA), you should check them out!!
  5. There is one in Santa Monica Third St Promenade. It has great bath stuff. I love their Salt scrub for the face.
  6. I so love LUSH!!!! Its hard not to spend a small fortune there, I need to go and check out the things you got :smile:
  7. I love Lush! The stores smell so nice, and I just want to touch and smell everything. I think I'll check out the holiday stuff tomorrow afternoon.
  8. ooohh... have fun at lush tomorrow!!! it's such a fun store, and the associates are great, i guess that's why i have a hard time sticking to my budjet. i'm a sucker for anything sweet or spicy, so the holiday products are my favorite! i wish that i took advantage of some of thier other sales, but couldn't bare the thought of spending any more $$$ than i already did. oh well, next time. good thing the store is a 30 minute drive from my house. i would be broke if it were any closer!
  9. Congrats! I have never been to Lush but it sure sounds delicious. Enjoy your new goodies!
  10. Thanks!!!
  11. I liked Lush for a while, but I find that the whole 'unpackaged' and organic thing just doesn't work for me.

    but my skin was never softer!
  12. I want to like LUSH, but I'm turned off by the SLS's in most of their shampoos and conditioners. Also, have they raised their prices a lot recently? Everything there seems so much more expensive.
  13. ^^ I agree, wish they would stop using the SLS's, they have some nice products that I'll continue to use though.
  14. from what i've heard, they are trying to stop using SLS in their products. you would think think that a company that trys to be "green" wouldn't be using them. but i still love thier products.
  15. I looooove the cupcake face mask