went to London to window shop, but came home with a new scarf...

  1. DD and I had 2 wonderful days in London, in between galleries and museums, we visited all four branches of Hermes, two I had never been to before, Sloane Street and Royal Exchange. The Sloane Street was still in the temporary shop, the original store will re-open the end of July I've been told. Also, Selfridges will have an instore Hermes from about the end of July. The Royal Exchange branch was the nicest, what a lovely place to shop and the staff were very friendly.

    I was really good, not spending, as I am saving for a Birkin. I saw some goegeous things though, in particular an etoupe Picotin with rose shocking lining - that combination was beautiful. I also saw a few Champs de Course large scarves but in Mousseline, they were stunning.

    The Bond Street store had a nice selection of small pochettes too.

    An American SA, Dorie, helped me look at earrings in the Harrods Hermes, saw a beautiful pair but they were too too expensive - I am learning to take things slow, lol.

    I couldn't come home empty-handed. A few weeks ago I was admiring a 'losange' mousseline scarf here on the forum, never seen one before but I decided to keep an eye out. In the last Hermes I visted, Royal Exchange, they had three and one was in my colour - a sort of old gold/bronze shade with a dark brown, almost a black hem and as they were so friendly here, I was glad to buy from them.

    The mousseline is so light, I think it will be nice for the summer although it is rather a wintry colour I have picked. It's a neat size and I'm not afraid of snagging it, most of the other mousseline scarves I have seen are large and there's a lot of material to deal with. It also comes in a sweet box, a new one for me, an oval box, similar to, but bigger than the twillie boxes. I modelled it on my Kelly below so you can see the logo in the centre of the scarf.

    DD also made her first major bag purchase. She has been saving her pocket money for 11 months now, not spent a penny of it, and put 100 pounds towards a tiny Dior bag. She said she had budgeted 10 pounds a month to spend on herself, so after 11 months, she was still under budget, wish I had her discipline, LOL. You can just about see her new Dior in the photo below. She is wearing it messenger style across her chest and under her jacket. There is a gold Lindy in the store window, we tried it on, looked great on DD but not so hot on me; I'm wide enough without the Lindy adding to my hips, LOL.

    We stayed in the Knightsbridge Millenium Hotel on Sloane Street and from our window, we could see the Sloane Street Hermes, also only 3 minutes walk from Harrods Hermes, good choice of location.

    It was a lovely mini-holiday, I could have bought a few nice things from Hermes but I am pleased with myself for hanging on to my money, hope my Birkin will come soon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Congrats!! Great pics -- looks like you were having a fun time! I admire your willpower to be good for that birkin - it WILL be worth the wait!!
  3. Love the Mouselline. AAN, you and your daughter are stunning...and you really look alike! :flowers:
  4. You and your daughter do look alike....you are both lovely!

    I enjoyed your story....and the pictures and pretty new mousseline scarf. I, too, prefer scarves I can "tame" a bit that do not get in my way, generally buying the pleated scarves, but, seeing your new mousseline, I really like this scarf!
  5. BEAUTIFUL scarf!!! And you look so lovely wearing it! Aren't these losanges the best? So many ways to wear them!!!!!
  6. Congratulations! Love the losange, you look fabulous. Lovely DD too.
  7. Thank you for sharing with us! Your scarf is an amazing color, and I love it's simplicity!! Your DD is adorable and her Dior is very sweet! A perfect choice for a girl her age. I'm sure she will treasure it! :love:
  8. Congrats!! you always have the greatest pictures!!! :heart:
  9. allaboutnice~glad to hear you and your daughter had a nice time! and you both look so nice!
    so does the scarf~ it suits you!
  10. Thanks for sharing your photos and your story...you are stunning and your DD is so cute! Congrats on the purchases!
  11. AAN, you are so beautiful and you wear the losange so well! Clearly, your daughter is a chip off the old block. Sounds like you two had a marvelous time.
  12. You both look so happy--what a great time you must have had--and the loot is fabulous too! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Gorgeous scarf! You and your daughter are both beautiful!!
  14. Congrats on your new toy! It's a beaut! I love your pictures too!

    You guys look like you are having such fun! Your DD is adorable with a lovely smile! Kudos to her for saving up some something she really wanted!
  15. AAN - you and your DD are just too adorable! glad you had a fabulous time!