Went to London - Came back w/a gorgeous PURPLE BAYSWATER! Help w/waterproofing!

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  1. Some of you ladies were most helpful w/recommendations on where to go in London for a special bag and wow, did I find it in Liberty's (and it's not the patent leather version)! I'll post pics as soon as I get my act together - in the meantime, I know the care card mentions using Collonil Waterstop (which I don't have) BUT I have Wilsons AND Vectra spray.

    Has anyone successfully used these products on your Bayswater?
    OR do you recommend that I go and purchase the Collonil to be on the safe side?

    Thanks for your expert advice.
  2. WOW! Fotos please!!!! Congrats! Enjoy!!! I just called the NYC Mulberry shop (since I'll be in New York, shopping...) and they have this purple Bayswater (not the patent), and I'm just eager to see your pix to see if it is something I might want.
  3. oh,i'm a bit naughty,ran out of Colonil and started using Clarks stuff,having a 16 month old tearing about, I tend to forget to stock up on these things!! But good news is that the Clarks stuff actually works brilliantly,my oak Elgin resists the rain and Sophies best efforts to sabotage it with ribena!!! Been doing this for over 6 months now(I try to spray it once a week due to its hectic life!)and it seems perfectly fine xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. TropicalGal -
    Great "speaking" with you again.
    I just posted some pics (started a new thread) for you and others. The color in the photos are pretty accurate. It's a deep, lovely purple that I think is timeless and will go with everything. The "action" shots here are not as accurate due to lighting, but thought I would throw them in for you.

    Now, I know from our previous conversations that you and I are "do not pay full retail" gals and I confess, I paid full price BUT with VAT and dutys removed, it was less expensive, but hey, I had to get on a plane for this one and mentally, had to play a little mind-game with myself. The quality and craftsmanship are superb and worth the price, hands down. It will not be like your Gryson experience and IMO, better quality and craftsmanship than Hogan (making these comparisons cuz I know you have these bags).

    I've been looking for a purple bag - and have loved this shape since it's a classic - the hue is gorgeous, it's lighter than I expected, etc.

    I've taken a photo of the product number for you, just in case.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, etc. Hope this was helpful.
    Keep me posted.

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  5. DCBlam -- what a memory you have! re my collection. I've edited it -- and it is getting smaller. Ahem...making room for other bags... Thanks for your modeling pix. They are so helpful. Do enjoy your gorgeous bag. I have come to the conclusion that certain bags do not go on sale, and with me living in the tropics...it is difficult to jump when the time is right. So, for certain bags, you do have to pay full price. I think a trip to Europe is a time to get a real memento of the trip, and you got a classic -- a Mulberry in jolly old England. You will have this bag forever. When I called New York to see what they had, she mentioned this purple, so I'll take a look. I'm worried the Oak will get dirty. And black...how many black bags do I have? So...who knows...maybe a purple! Do let us know how the bag settles in and gets softer. ENJOY BIG TIME!!!