Went To Kop Lv Today..argh...

  1. Went to KOP LV store in PA today and they were CLUELESS.I asked her when the new messengers were coming in and she said ...HUH??..then in front of my 10 year old..says"you are one of those customers who knows LV..cuz I sure dont..LOL".........:wtf: :wtf: :nuts: :wtf: ............OH MY GOD..Im like...Im in an LV store..yes??she had no clue.Every bag I mentioned..she stammered and said..I dunno....WTH???
    So I got home and called my REGULAR LV store at Saks in Bala..They have the new MESSENGERS in and are holding mine for me..they KNEW their product..UNLIKE THE SUCKY SA at KOP..LMAO..OMG....BTW..Im getting the large messnger..and when I reserved it -it was 855-its NOW 900.00 ..LOL..Price increase EVEN ON NEW LINES???!!!!
    Cant pick it up till Friday..will post pics then-Thats the official release date.

    PS- i had ordered a pair of 685 dollar shoes at the KOP mall store to pick up today too and GUESS WHAT..they forgot to do it!I gave them 2 weeks to find my size for me!!!! They have LOST ALL MY FUTURE SALES..The SA didnt even offer to find them as I looked at her like a small bug on my shoe..AND I ONLY reserve that look for really DESPICABLE people..LMAO...:graucho: :roflmfao:
  2. Hahaha and awww...

    Can't wait to see your new messenger!! ;)
  3. :wtf: :wtf: not good business at all.
  4. lol gee what knowledgeable sales associates they have!

    can't wait to see the pics!
  5. Oh no, this is just awful. Hopefully KOP will come up with some good SAs when I we go to our KOP meeting.
  6. haha! you're hilarious! Sorry for your trip at the non-brains LV store tho...
  7. THE very best part of it is that my 10 year old daughter whispers to me and asks if she can start naming the LV bags..to show the SA she even knows them..ROFLMAO....I was tempted to let her....HEE..HEE...:graucho: :roflmfao:
  8. Jill, your posts always crack me up because I can TOTALLY visualize your whole experience!!!:lol: You should have done this :lecture:!!!
  9. :rolleyes: SAs...you win some and lose some...

    But cannot wait for picks on your new messenger....congrats!!!!
  10. WTH? I can't believe a luxury product line would set clueless SAs loose in any of their boutiques?? :rant:
  11. I do realize there are some clueless SAs in KOP boutique...It just drives me crazy.:rant:

    can't wait to see the pics.
  12. geez, that SA was a total dud! glad you got from someone else and can't wait to see the pics!!
  13. gosh that sucks! I've had that happen when inquiring about the mono mini lin...but even regular line bags they didn't know? SHEESH...they need some better training.
    Maybe you could get a parttime job there and use it for the discount LOL

    BTW...can't wait to see the new bag!
  14. What is going on lately.....way too many instances of bad service lately.

    And what's the deal with the price increase ? Is it true? I know Dickies said no, and I asked my SA yesterday and she said no, too. hmm....
  15. How can someone work at LV and not know what they're talking about? That should totally not be allowed.