Went to Holt Renfrew today...(sorry, long!)

  1. There were so many people at LV!! One Chinese family was there for like half an hour...they were just hogging the entire counter space.
    Anyways, I saw a lot of the things that I liked in pics IRL today...checked out Mini Lin, I LOVE it! :nuts: Saw everything BUT the cles and the Speedy, which was a bummer since I wanted to see the Speedy but they don't have them in. My coworker had her eyes on the pochette wallet (I think that's the style?) But was disappointed that it's not canvas when I told her that it's made of linen.

    I looked at the French purse...still 4 CC slots...it's very nice, but the one that I was looking at had a really tight kiss lock; I couldn't open it! We also looked at some men's wallets and my boyfriend was there and said that $280 for a Damier wallet was actually a very good price. I was shocked that he thought $280 is decent for a wallet! :upsidedown:

    I talked to the usual SA who helps me (Emiko at Calgary HR--love her!) and she said that the clear inclusion bracelets SHOULD be in by now...but they're not...so good to know that they didn't forget to call me. I wanted to check out the Azur cles but they were out! They only had the Agenda and the FP...everything else was sold out!

    The Icons bags were on display (I was so tempted to ask to see the Papillon 26 but I want to wait for my own instead) as well as the MC Priscilla (beautiful), two Reades, a few luggage pieces, three sizes Lockits...

    I was referring to the bags' names and the line's proper names (ie, Damier instead of checkerboard, as my coworker calls it) and I was telling my coworker what the Astropill was...the SA showed us how it worked and we all had a good laugh out of it because both my coworker and I found it cute but kind of useless.

    I asked my boyfriend, Reade, if he wanted to see Reade the bag and he said no but I asked Emiko if I could see the Reade PM in Perle anyway. It's MUCH smaller IRL than in pics!! Not to mention it feels much more...different than what I expected Vernis to feel like. The new vachetta was stiff and plastic feeling, and the Vernis didn't feel like the patent leather that I'm used to having.

    I was trying it on and my boyfriend asked how much it was, I told him, $730, and he let out a little muffled noise and joked around and said, "Do you want me to buy you that?" and I said, "Sure, why not?" knowing that he was joking. Then, he asked me in a more serious tone "Do you want that for Christmas, or something like that?" and I said, "Well, yeah, but from you, maybe in 5, 6, 7 or 8 years??" And he replied, "Nah, maybe in two years." :nuts: So I asked, "Reallyyyyy?" and he smiled. So I said, "Yeah, you get me this and you'll probably want a....PS5." He replied, "No, it'll probably still be PS3 in two years."

    SOOOOO sounds like LV will be a possible gift within the next few Christmases!! I purposely showed him IRL so he'll recognize it if he does plan on buying it for me...:love: Either way, however, I doubt he'll go to LV alone and I'll probably be there with him when he does buy me LV for the first time.

    For now...I'll just drool over pics and my eBay bags. I wanted to buy something small but since they didn't have the Azur cles OR the inclusion bracelet in yet, I'll just have to wait a bit!

    By the way, sightings at HR: Mono Trouville, Mono mini pochette, mono batignolles (coworker's), CB pochette (mine), Marelle backpack (it was a TEN YEAR OLD wearing it!!!! Spoiled brat!!!), Popincourt Haut. One girl (probably MY age!!) was looking at the Stephen...probably buying either the mono one or the embossed one, although sorry to say I think the Embossed Stephen is a little ugly, another girl and her mom purchasing the Roxbury Drive.
  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!:wlae:That's cool that your BF likes to look at LV with you. DH gets bored and usually ends up sitting on a chair until he sees me pick up something that he loathes. lol. :P That's really cute that the bag your BF might get you has the same name he has!
  3. Sounds like you had fun! I love going into LV and just browsing but my weak-willed self always happens to find something in there that I cannot leave the store without!
  4. Haha this reminds me so much of my bf that I had to laugh out loud! No matter what store we go into, if we're doing "girl shopping" he just sits in a chair and pouts until i'm ready to go. He has even fallen asleep at Louis Vuitton before, so embarassing! The SAs always tell me I need to hurry up because he looks so miserable!
  5. ITA

    Glad you had a good time :smile:
  6. Sounds fun Karman! Sorry you could not get even a little something...but next time you will make out like a bandit!:graucho:
  7. sounded like a lot of fun!! im glad u had a great time!
  8. i really dont understand all these little girls buying high-end designer bags.. Its getting ridiculous, like, i was in Tiffany & Co the other day, and this girl (about 12) was with her friend and had her dad's credit card.. and was pointing out things that she wanted.. *she had about 7 pieces of jewelery on the little cushion ready to buy.. i was like freaking out!!
  9. but anyways, sounds like you had a great time in LV, and funny about your bf and the LV bag sharing the same name! I guess its fate for you to buy it hahah
  10. Boy Karman you have a fantastic memory! It sounds like it was well worthwhile~ Now he knows what you like..great plan:idea: I tried this...doesn't work w/ my DH. He doesn't approve of the prices...glad yours does!:flowers:

    Did you see the Azur speedy?....I am off to LV Thursday (I live 1.5 hours away...so special trip)...Do you like the azur? (p.s. I didn't buy the checkbook cover...;) ) LOL!:graucho:

  11. Have you ever seen Sweet Sixteen on MTV? That would really knock your socks off....it's ludicris...what these girls get:nuts:
  12. Thats so cute of your bf lol He sounds like a sweetie:graucho:

    Glad you had fun, and yes I do agree the bags/purses look totally different IRL...I had a bit of a shock when I walked into the boutique at first.:lol:
  13. phew... finished reading... hehe..

    aww glad your BF is starting to understand, hehe... my bf wasn't really into it at first... but after all my nagging & explainig, he loves Louis Vuitton now too hahaha ^_^~
  14. Sounds like you had a really fun trip to LV!!! :smile:
  15. No! They were out of everything Azur except the FP and Agenda!