Went to Hermes yesterday!

  1. My SA Shannon was back from vacation! :yahoo:

    I tried on:

    Potiron Clemence Bolide

    Pale pink swift Lindy 34

    Yellow Epsom Vespa

    White Collier De Chien bracelet

    White Kelly

    White Massai PM

    Black Murray bracelet

    Looked at:

    Blue Berries Twilly

    Orange and Violet Chevre Compact Bearn Wallet

    The smaller Bearn wallet with more CC slots

    Passage De Tokyo scarf in pink

    Blue Jean coin purse

    BeBop Clutch mini in blue

    And I didn't buy anything!

    My SA was all shocked that I knew the name of the BeBop clutch because she said that it had just come in last week and was their first and only one!

    I also asked if they had the Herbag but my SA said that they don't make them anymore.
  2. Sounds like you had fun. Weren't you tempted this time, the bebop might have been my undoing, lol? Are you hanging on for something?
  3. Wow...what a day!
  4. What a great visit!! What did you love? Any future plans??
  5. Sounds like you had fun...not what you were looking for?
  6. What a great day! Nothing jumped out at you?
  7. Well I liked the orange chevre compact Bearn wallet. I think it was $1875 CAD...for $100 more I could have had another Evelyne!

    I also liked the yellow Vespa, but I don't know why it costs so much more than the Evelyne PM when it looks more plain and smaller. I also didn't really like the open top. It was around $2400 CAD.
  8. ^They had a Rose Dragee Lindy 34??????
    I wish I were there!!
  9. Sounds like FUN!!!
  10. Mmmmm....White Collier De Chien bracelet :drool: It sounds like you had a fun day! :biggrin:
  11. What does the "Blue Jean coin purse" look like?

    Could anyone please show a pic?

  12. oooh, violet chevre bearn...sounds awesom. what leather was the white kelly? i know, hard to get a wallet when you know for a little more you could get a handbag.
  13. Yup! If Rose Dragee = pale pink! And it had never been opened before! Still had the plastic on the strap!

    I didn't know the base of the Lindy was so stiff! But I guess thats good so that it doesn't sag.
  14. It was actually on hold for someone! But my SA let me try it on anyways just to see how it looks on me!
  15. Dear Ms. A:

    You are rational and really knows what you like because you didn't even get tempted!!!

    I am the RIGHT item would come and you would 'snatch' it IMMEDIATELY.

    Enjoy the weekend,