Went to Hermes today for the first time

  1. I was kinda nervous going in because I was afraid they would not take me seriously because I look young. But the SA was very helpful and nice. I saw a nice purple wallet I liked, not sure what its called.
  2. Yay Arnott! You know, there's no turning back now!!!!!
  3. :smile:
  4. The first time is very nervous-making! I still get nervous now, because I'm afraid of actually seeing something I won't be able to resist!
  5. Glad your first visit went well! It's great that the SA you encountered was friendly. I think that really sets the mood for your overall Hermes experience.:yahoo:

    The wallet, was it long with a H closure? Could've been the Bearn. I'm after one of these in rouge vif (not gonna hold my breath for this colour tho..) or if I see a raisin one pop up at my store, I'ma grab at it!!!:roflmfao: Was the one you saw a dark purple?
  6. It had a metal H on it, but it wasn't a long wallet...I think it was a billfold wallet. No, it wasn't dark purple, it was a regular purple. :idea:
  7. BTW, does Hermes have an official website where I can look at all the bags and prices? :nuts:
  8. Hermes does have a website:Hermes.com (US version) and Bienvenue (the French version)

    But unfortunately, these don't showcase their bags, only some of their accessories.

    The wallet you describe sounds like the compact Bearn. Was the coin compartment on the inside or outside? There's a new design where the coin compartment is on the outside and there are more CC slots inside but dunno if that's also called a compact Bearn something or not, lol.

  9. If there was a coin compartment then it was on the inside.:jammin:
  10. Oooh!! I think you might've gotten yourself a compact Bearn wallet in violet!:yes: What type of leather is it? Excellent choice, btw!:flowers:
  11. I don't know what kind of leather it was but it seemed like the same kind of leather as the purple key holder! I was looking at all the small purple leather goods. Any suggestions?
  12. Do you want everything to be purple or is it okay as long as it's within the purple family? The reason I ask is that Hermes has quite a good number of gorgeous shade within that range. There's violet (which MAY be the color of your wallet), Cyclamen (Pinkish Purple), Lilac (light purple), Raisin (dark purple). They're all very pretty.:yes:

  13. The purple colour in post #11 and #18 of this thread:


  14. Glad you had a nice experience.