Went to H for a Globetrotter refill, and... (reveal)


Sep 19, 2008
it is beautiful! one of the best i've seen! i love the vivid orange handles and parchemin is my favouritest H colour.

i love your hair btw :smile: congratulations!!
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Eat dessert first!
Aw, thanks, loves, vixen18, Ali-bagpuss, lilyhermes, Cavalier Girl, Roo Cambonne, and flower71. You girls are too sweet!

Good eye, vixen18, I love my LOVE bracelets. They were put on me by DH, and I've never taken them off. When I had surgery, I gave the nurses quite a hard time because they really wanted them removed and I refused. :P
Jun 5, 2007
Lovely reveal CMB, don't know how I missed this. Love your picotin, so cute so special. And I love how happy you look with it. xx


Eat dessert first!
dreamdoll, littleblackbag, ryomat, Jadeite, hanyeu -- thanks so much for keeping my little Picotin love alive. :flowers:

littleblackbag, it's easy with all the activity around here to miss things. I'm constantly scouring the threads for the gems I've overlooked. Thanks for finding us. :smile:
Sep 25, 2009
Cold Northern Europe
Hi Cakeymakeybakey - absolutely LOVE that Picotin - and you're a girl after my own heart - I went into H for a teeny weeny scarf ring on Saturday and came out with a 90cm scarf (De Madras a Zakynthos in Marron/chocolat) and... have the SA calling UK stores today to see if she can locate a Picotin Lock MM in etoupe! This is putting a small dent in my Birkin fund but hey - they were calling my name...