went to gucci outlet in nj yesterday!

  1. i went to the seacacus, new jersey outlet yesterday.

    heres what i remember...

    brown medium size leather chain bag
    tons of black and white flora bags
    tons of acorn print bags
    purple suede bouvier with studs
    brown sherpa joliceur tote
    the long clutch from fall (i forgot what it was called)
    tons of wallets
    pink and green guccisima makeup bag
    pink and red guccisima small planners
    wool scarf with gg weave in baby pink, chocolate brown, khaki and maroon
    lots of silk scarfs
    lots of shoes from fall 07, summer 06

    or if you're looking for something in particular...maybe i can remember if i saw it? :confused1:
  2. Oh, thanks so much for sharing!!! I have used the outlet once, when I bought a black leather wallet -I just took her word for what it looked like and sure enough - it was perfect!!! just paid for shipping!!
  3. thanks for the update! did you get anything? that place is great!
  4. Oh! Clutch??? Not the cuff clutch??? :nuts:
  5. Wish we had an outlet where I live..:crybaby:
  6. I agree.
  7. ME too. :crybaby:
  8. Does anyone have the number for this outlet? I keep getting a fax line.:confused1:
  9. i got a mens wallet, a silk scarf, a long wool scarf and a scarf square.

    luckily there werent any bags i wanted. im on a major purse ban! :yucky:
  10. are there any gucci outlets in fl.. anyone know where a list s
  11. Thanks for the wonderfulupdate...that sounds like alot of stuff!!! How far is this outlet from NYC?

  12. Thanks for revealing....great memory!!
  13. Can you call the outlets and get the sa to send you pics like they do for dior?
  14. Anyone have the number?

  15. yeah, this what Im wondering. Did it have the cuff chained to it, or the buckle thing????

    Keane - there are three gucci outlets: Seacaucus, palm springs, and woodbury commons.

    Blew - they have sent pics to people, all you can do is call and ask them.

    ekx012, did they have any of that Unicef christmas stuff?? LOL