Went to get my pink sneakers, and they're too big!

  1. Poop, now I have to wait another week or so! I usually wear a 39, but had to go down ro 38, and they are still a smidge big, but didn't want to go down to 37.5, incase I wanted to wear thicker socks!
  2. awww... I'm sure you'll get another pair very soon. I notice my LV sneakers run a tad larger than regular sneakers.
  3. Bummmer! Serious poop. It's hard ordering shoesies too! Sometimes, ya just need to try them on, haven't bought any shoes or clothes or even had hair done since LV obsession started.... god. I'm a mess! I'm sorry bout your shoes Twink! Hope you get those pink sneaks soon!
  4. i looooooove those sneakers!!!!! I can't wait to see them tink. I hate waiting too. two saturdays ago i ordered a love bandeau from the bal harbour store and they sent the wrong one ( the one with the hearts with the $600 price tag,,, ya i almost died because i wasnt expecting that) and i am waiting for fed ex to deliver the right one. Waiting sucks, but i'm with ya :biggrin:
  5. aww...sorry to hear that. that's what happened to me too... I can't wait to see pics when you do get them.
  6. darn that sucks. I hate when my size is not in. can't wait to see pics, when you get your size.
  7. poop on a stick!:yucky: i hate waiting...you'll get em soon though, mary, hang in there!
  8. DO you have a photo of your sneakers?
    I'm thinking of getting pink sneakers too but not what it looks like on my foot!
  9. I'm sorry, that must have been horrible! You could always swing by Neiman's and pick up a Jimmy Choo to ease the wait. :yes:
  10. Here they are :smile:

  11. Ooo, those are pretty, Tink! I hate waiting too, hopefully it won't be too long.
  12. Oh no! Can't wait till you get them! They're so cute! I've been looking to get the black pair soon
  13. Awww what a pooper! And you were so looking forward to them! Hang in there with a week to go! :yes:

    I wouldn't know what to do with such pretty LV sneakers, since I usually wear my sneakers everywhere and get them very dirty...
  14. Awwww... I'm sorry about that Mary! :sad:
  15. OMG they are sooo cute in the pink. I :heart: them in pink.