Went to get a muse, came home with a venetia

Jan 27, 2006
Beautiful bag! I've always loved the Venetia, when I went to buy one I thought the strap would be to much of a hassel so I got a Blake instead. I might still end up with one someday though, because I just love the way it looks.


Mar 15, 2006
Your Town, My house
Great purchase :love:

kylieReese said:
So I went to Neimans today with all my intentions set on getting a muse, but they only had a small one and a oversized in animal print. So I tried both on for size and the small was way too small and the oversized I couldn't carry on my shoulders. I was going to order the anthracite from another store but I really want a large black muse. So I'm holding off until they get more in. Or maybe there will be some new colors in the fall. I'm hoping for a pretty shade of purple. So in the mean time. I brought home with me the MJ venetia, I think it's beautiful and classy and functional. I really liked the new tote style also but I have too many shoulder bags. So I had to get this baby. here is a photo for you guys.. Love it? or Hate it?


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Mar 16, 2006
I love the MJ Blake! I have a black one. They look great and function very well. The only problem with the MJ bags is that they are way toooo heavy. My shoulder is still aching from carring the MJ Blake for an afternoon's shopping yesterday...